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Zombie VideoFly Plugin ($100/month Blogs on AutoPilot). How Many Will You Build? 1.1

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    Hi Members
    My name is Adam and I have been working as an internet marketer for the past 6 years. I have marketed and sold millions of dollars worth of product over my tenure and have tried every way to make money online that you possibly can, with varying success. For years I have tried to find a real “automated” way to make money but always seemed to come up short. This is why I, with the help of my brother Kevin and some top notch developers, have decided to find a way to make passive income and we finally found it. Since it has worked so well for us we would like to share it with you.
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    The Zombie VideoFly Plugin allows you to build your WordPress website with our autoblog video posting technology… but that is not all. You can also make money on complete autopilot with our built-in ad monetization feature!The plugin is simple to install and configures in minutes. Once the plugin is up and running… you never have to touch it again!We believe this is truly one of the BEST and ONLY autoblogging plugins that combines a way to monetize your site as well as build SEO friendly content!

    This plugin automatically pulls videos and inserts them as posts, building your site while you sleep. It also attaches a re-direct script to each video post allowing you to make money form your blog!Want to build your blog and make money from it… This plugin does it all on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!All videos are hosted on youtube so you don’t use a lot of server space!So simple, its scary!…

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    1. Drabala
      it doenst work as promised it only put an video in your blog and 1 or 2 sentences text :(
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