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Ronald Gaines
You Won't Exist If You Don't Build a List! 1.0

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  • You Won't Exist
    If You Don't
    Build a List!

    How To Build a Responsive List And Profit Big From it

    From: Ronald Gaines

    Is it confusing for you to build a profitable list?

    Most people when they start out with list building
    they fall for all the hype:

    - Just have a free offer
    - Give it away on a squeeze page
    - Get subscribers through that page
    - Sell stuff through emails

    And BOOM you've got yourself a profitable list.

    Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy they want you
    to believe.

    It's not as easy as simply sending emails to subscribers
    and they will buy from you.

    Think about it: if they subscribe to your list,
    chances are they're being bombarded by other
    marketers on their lists.

    So what separates you from the rest of the marketers
    out there?

    Why should subscribers buy from you instead of
    anybody else?

    Usually it comes down to 2 things:

    1. Do you provide value to your subscribers?
    2. Do they trust you enough to give you their hard-earned money?

    Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers:
    so you're getting emails from 5 different marketers,
    and you want to buy some training...

    ...are you likely to buy something from the marketer
    who just emails you saying "buy this, buy that" or are
    you likely to buy something from the guy who gives you
    valuable information and you KNOW isn't going to rip you off?

    Be that second marketer; the one that gives value and
    is trustworthy.

    Are you that marketer right now?

    If not, what can you change to become that marketer?

    List Building Is Hard...
    But It's Also Very Simple!

    There really are only 3 steps to it:

    • Drive targeted traffic to your squeeze pages
    • Convert that traffic into subscribers
    • Monetize those subscribers with a proper sales funnel

    That's it. You don't need fancy software, you don't need flashy graphics, you don't even need to be some kind of expert...you just need to follow and focus on those 3 steps.

    Here's Why You Haven't Been Able To Build A Profitable and Responsive List...YET!

    The first reason why you likely haven't been able to succeed yet with list building is because your just sending random affiliate offers to your list.

    Most people have got no idea how to properly monetize their list. Yeah, ok they might send a few emails with an affiliate link in it, but really that's what everybody else is doing and that's exactly why nobody is buying from you.

    Your subscribers are getting bombarded with the same affiliate links from every other marketer.

    Why should they buy from you? Seriously, if they're getting the same affiliate links from everybody else they're following, why should they buy from you? What separates you from every other marketer out there?

    Right now, there's probably no difference in your subscribers' eyes between you and the next guy.But the difference should be in the relationship you have with your list.

    That's the key right there; you need to build a relationship with your subscribers in a way that will make they trust you enough to buy from you.

    Have You Been Making
    This Mistake As Well?

    The other reason why you haven't been successful with list building is because of the third step above; you need a proper sales funnel in place for list building to be effective.

    It's not enough to just get people on your list, you need an actual sales funnel that will get them buying from you as well.

    Most people will just focus on the first 2 steps; they setup a squeeze page and get people to subscribe.

    But they don't realize that's only half the battle; getting subscribers onto your list doesn't pay you; getting those subscribers to buy from you over and over and over again is what will pay you.

    Here's How Everything Is
    Going To Change For You!

    It's not enough to just build a list...you need the list and a sales funnel to go with it.

    Most people think they can just build a list and send random offers to that list and make that magical '$1 per subscriber per month' number...yeah, how's that been working out for you?

    It doesn't work like that though, and you know that.

    It's more than just getting people on your list, it's about how you communicate with your list, the relationship you build with that list, and the offers you promote to your list.

    Most people don't bother to build out a proper sales funnel, or take the time to build a relationship with that list, mainly because they're too lazy...but also because nobody tells them to.

    That's where I'm stepping in...

    That's exactly why I have created a complete list building course that covers everything you need to know to be profitable with list building.


    Order Now And Get These
    Incredible Bonuses 100% Free!

    Full Video Transcripts

    For those who prefer to read their training instead of watching the video, you can get all the training through the complete transcript, which is over 8,000 words in total.

    Don't you owe it to yourself to try this power-packed list building course?

    To your list building success,

    Ronald Gaines

    P.S. This time next week you could be well on your way to getting 100+ subscribers per day and actually making sales day after day from your list.

    But you need to get started right now.

    P.P.S. How long have you been stumbling around? How long have you been struggling to build a profitable list? How long have you been trying to figure it all out?

    It's time...it's time to cut the crap and take control of your business.


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