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Xplorer - Smart File Editor And Manager 1.2

Purchase this item for $400.00
($300.00 for premium members)

  • Xplorer is a powerful complete online file mangement system and code editor solution with so much features that we will let you discover ! perfect for coders, webmasters and sysadmins and works like an operating system in your navigator.

    You can even make your own cloud file hosting solution including some features similar to Google Docs !

    Demo URL : www.xplorer.ml


    Main features :

    • Perfect to use as a FTP / File Manager : can be used for server file management, support image reading, music reading, video reading, online compression decompression, folder drag and drop upload …

    • A powerful code editor supports more than 60 programming languages

    • More than 10 themes with a custom themes option

    • Right-click, drag and keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions ! like an operating system !

    • Taskbar for multitasking ! for switchting between tabs

    • Responsive : for smartphone and tablets !

    • Super fast interface : Ajax and js based + Json for data communication
    • Built-in plugins as apps integrated : ( paint – sticky notes – scientific calculator and much more ! )


    • You can create / integrate your own plugins as apps !
    • Built-in plugins as games integrated : waiting for an upload ? bored and want some pause ? we have games for you : (Chess, Bytejack, Freaking Maths, Doodle Jump, Minesweeper, Multisquare, Snake, Solitaire, Soduku)


    • SSH explorer with console integrated !

    • Multi-User support :with custom roles and permissions

    File Management features :

    • File options : you can select a file, copy, cut, delete, open preview and many operations.
    • Right-click functions menu : right-click menu link shortcut key(all selected – copy – cut – paste – delete – rename , Set …)
    • File browsing: list mode, icon mode, double-click into sub-folders, address bar operations.
    • Shortcut keys

    • Search files : search in files and search by file extension feature
    Online preview features :

    • Photo preview : automatically generate thumbnails, picture slideshow.

    • Audio player : online play that supports mp3, wma, mid, aac, wav, mp4 with a playlist feature !

    • Video playback : online video file playback, support video fomats such as : webma, mp4, m4v, flv, mov, f4v, ogv, webm,webmv

    • Doc reader : supports almost all documents extensions such as : doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, dotm, rtf, xls, xlsx, xlt, xlsb, xlsm, csv, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, pptm, potm, ppam, potx, ppsm, mpp, vsd,vss,vst,vdx,vsx,vtx,odt,ods,odp,ott,ots,otp,wps,wptodf,odt.

    • Compress/ Decompress files online
    • Built in compressed files reader : supports all known compression formats such as : zip, tar, gz, tgz, ipa, apk, rar,7z, iso, bz2, zx,z,arj

    • Epub reader :

    • Pdf Reader :


    • Swf reader

    • Online radio station adder : you can embed code of radio stations in your interface and make it run like an app !

    Built in games :

    1. Chess
    2. ByteJack (Blackjack with bytes as Currency)
    3. Freaking maths
    4. Doodle jump
    5. Minesweeper
    6. Multisquare (embed frame, not included in sourcecode)
    7. Snake
    8. Solitaire
    9. Soduku
    Built in plugins as apps :

    1. Paint (a perfect clone of the old MS paint !)
    2. Pixlr Editor for photos editing (embed frame, not included in the sourcecode)
    3. Sticky notes (uses cookies navigator to store notes)
    4. Scientific calculator
    5. Flight Radar (embed frame, not included in sourcecode)
    6. SSH explorer

    Security features :

    • Captcha for login
    • Csrf protection
    • Xss protection
    • Password for sticky notes

    Public share features :

    • You can share a file with a public link
    • QR code share support
    • Share duration (set a date of the expiration of your shared file)
    • Share password protection

    Upload features :

    • Drag and drop upload
    • Bulk upload
    • Remote Upload
    • Bulk remote upload

    Admin panel features :

    • Group of users management
    • Users management
    • Roles of users management
    • Clear cache / All users recycle bin
    • Add a stats code
    • Bulk users add (Soon)

    Code editor features :

    • Multi-themes : Choose your own colors !
    • Custom Font
    • Multi cursor editing, block editing
    • Supports Maintaining multiple tabs and files
    • Find and replace, search in code ( feature under developement )
    • Auto-complete code [], {}, (), ’’ ’’
    • Online real-time preview
    • Live syntax checker
    • Zend support

    SSH client features :

    • File manager
    • You can run your commands like a terminal

    Soon :

    • Translation to 40 languages
    • JS and CSS Obfuscator addon
    • Encrypter / decrypter addon
    • Torrent webclient
    • Text chat between users
    • Amazon S3 remote storage
    • we will choose to add the most suggested / voted features by our clients !

    Requirements :

    • PHP 5.4+ (PHP 7 recommended)
    • A shared webhosting or a vps / dedicated server
    • No database required, just upload the content inside the UPLOAD folder into your hosting / server

    Changelog :

    16/10/17 – Version 1.2

    - Fixed login bugs reported
    - Updated The Doc Viewer
    - Fixed the thumbnail cache issue
    - CSS optimization

    01/10/17 – Version 1.1

    - Added the Officeviewer
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