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    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.
  • WP Plugin Generator is a "wizard based" software. It will walk you through everything, step by step. You really can't lose!

    Think of the thousands of brand new WP Plugins you can create and then give them away, use them as "opt-in" lures or better yet, SELL THEM.

    Create just 5 or 10 new plugins and sell them for a paultry $7 each and you can really see your sales soar and you'll be raking in the dough in no time!

    Better yet, think of all of the "viral attention" you could generate by giving away your new plugins. Each plugin you create will be branded with YOUR name and YOUR website link. Think of all the pairs of eyes that will see YOUR namd and YOUR link.

    Your name could go viral in a matter of days, literally!

    I'd normally charge $97, maybe even $197, for a software this amazingly powerful, but, for a limited time, you can have your very own copy of this awesome software for just $15.95 USD!

    In Short:
    Easily & quickly create your own phrase based wordpress plugins. Then sell them, trade them or even give them away to create your own viral buzz.

    Repeat this simple process for as many plugins as you want to create. This software will not limit you to the number of plugins you can create, so have a ball creating as many as you want.

    The best part is that each plugin will be yours to do with as you please. You will own FULL RIGHTS to each and every plugin you create.

    Yep, you read that right, it's not a typo -- FULL PLR RIGHTS to every plugin you can conjure up.

    Not sure what types of plugins to create? Here's just a few ideas:

    ● "Did You Know" Factoid Plugin
    ● Promote Random Affiliate Products
    ● Display Random Clickbank Links
    ● Jokes/Riddles/Trivia Questions
    ● Your Own Amazon Wish List
    ● Elder Care Tips & Tricks
    ● Going Green Tips & Tricks
    ● Car Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● RV Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● Test Preperation Tips & Tricks
    ● Motorcycle Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● Child Care Tips & Tricks
    ● Pet Grooming Tips & Tricks
    ● Car Washing Tips & Tricks
    ● Car Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● Computer Purchase Tips & Tricks
    ● Tablet Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● PC Repair Tips & Tricks
    ● Mechanical Tips & Tricks
    ● Daily To-Do List Suggestions
    ● Random Bible Verses
    ● Christmas Gift Suggestions
    ● Display Random Car Facts
    ● Birthday Gift Suggestions
    ● Valentines Day Gift Suggestions

    ● Halloween Costume Suggestions
    ● Words of Wisdom
    ● eBay Buyers Tips & Tricks
    ● eBay Sellers Tips & Tricks
    ● Famous Quotes
    ● Inspirational Messages
    ● Craigslist Buyers Tips & Tricks
    ● Craigslist Sellers Tips & Tricks
    ● Exercise Tips
    ● Health Care Tips & Tricks
    ● World Class Recipes
    ● Product Creation Suggestions
    ● Baby Furntiure Buying Tips & Tricks
    ● Nutrition Tips
    ● Marketing Tips
    ● Yard Saling Tips & Tricks
    ● Political Facts
    ● Sports Trivia/Facts
    ● List Building Tips
    ● Twitter Tips
    ● Facebook Tips
    ● Baby or Pet Names
    ● Suggested Movie Watch List
    ● Suggested Music Play List
    Your Imagination is Your Limit
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