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WP-Gtrends - Autoblogging wp plugin from Google Trends 2.2

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  • Hi,..

    As we know, Google trends is the primary source in finding articles to post on our website to get more specific traffic. now, if you're a loyal user of google trends, that would not necessary again to check the article whats on "trend" and make similar articles on your site.

    We presented WP-Gtrends - Autoblogging wp plugin from google trends

    Features :
    1. Auto post to blogspot and wordpress with cronjob / manual grab.
    2. Auto tag (wordpress)
    3. Post to hundreds blogspot on single click (Blogger)
    4. Integrated with AIO SEO PACK dan Platinum SEO PACK (wordpress)
    5. User friendly
    6. Support adf.ly account for source link
    7. etc

    Demo :
    - http://gotrends.wpcyborg.info/
    - http://go-trends.blogspot.com/

    this plugin require activated. that means your email paypal will use for this action.
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