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WordPress Paid Comment Plugin - Charge for Comment Review and Approval. 1.0

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  • WordPress Paid Comment Plugin - The only plugin enable you to charge for comment review.

    Many WordPress site owner suffer from unsolicited comments spam. The only reason for majority of comments leave on your blog is to grab additional backlinks to their site, to increase search engine, i.e. Google, Bing ranking position. With WordPress paid comment plugin ("WPCP"), blog owner able to collect a small fee for comment review and publish. This create a win-win situation where blog owner get rewards for comment review & publish, while commenter get their comment reviewed and published on quality blog. Moreover, blog owner may choose to turn paid comment link to do-follow, instead of no-follow by default, this create extra motivation for commenters submit comment to your site.

    Core Feature
    Auto Approve Paid Comments - You maybe too lazy to review all comment flowing in. Let the plugin do it for you, the comment will get auto approval and publish on your blog once it has being approved. Simple and easy.

    Different Pricing for Different Posts - Wish to decide different price for different post? WPPaidComment allow you to do so. Simply select the post and insert the price that you would like to charge.

    Charging Globally - Wish to charge all posts at same price? No problem, just enable this option and everything is on the go.

    Disable No-Follow Tag - Make your commenter happy to pay you! By default WordPress contain with no-follow tag for external comment link. With this option you may disable no-follow tag for paid comment. It's also recommended to enable this option because more paid comment will flowing in, since they will enjoy link juice passing too.

    Multiple Currency Supported - The plugin support 19
    currency, opt for the one that you preferred. This means, no currency exchange losses for site owner.

    Payment Gateway (PayPal) Integration - WPCP integrate paypal as default payment gateway. Just insert your PayPal ID and you are ready to collect payment.

    Demo site with WPCP installed
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