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Woo Commerce Product Image Flipper 0.1

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  • To Show Front and backside view of any product.
    == Description ==
    A very simple plugin that Show's Front and backside view of any product.
    == Frequently Asked Questions ==
    = How do I control which image is displayed on hover? =
    Whichever image is first in the order of product gallery images will appear on hover.
    = My secondary image is taller than the main product image and overlaps content when it fades in =
    This is due to the secondary image being positioned absolutely. This is the cleanest way I can think to do this with CSS alone. You may want to consider hard cropping your product catalog thumbnails to ensure all images are the same dimensions in product archives.
    = It doesn't work. Nothing happens when I hover over images? =
    First of all check that the product you're checking has a gallery attached to it. Secondly you should be aware that this plugin uses CSS 3d transforms and will therefore only work in modern browsers.

    Note: This plugin uses CSS 3d transforms to show/hide the images and will therefore only work in modern browsers.
    == Installation ==
    1. Upload `woocommerce-flipper` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Done!

    == Changelog ==
    = 0.1 =
    * Fix - WooCommerce 2.3.2 compatibility
    = 0.1 =
    Initial release.


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