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  • The headline is the most important element of your copy!
    "Swipe These 55 Winning Headlines
    and Watch Your Sales Soar!"
    Dear Colleague,
    Headlines rule! It has been verified time and time again that the single most important part of sales copy is the headline.

    It's also true that learning to write winning headlines can take years. Unless...
    You Swipe Them
    No worries, swiping headlines is not a crime, and it is not unethical. Headlines can't be copyrighted or patented.

    Over the past few decades copywriters have learned the tricks, techniques, and strategies for writing winning headlines. And those headlines have become famous.

    Every copywriter worth his salt has a swipe file of the best headlines. When it's time to write a headline the copywriter pulls out the swipe file and chooses one that best fits the product or service being sold.

    I have put together for you 55 headline templates you can swipe and use to boost your sales.

    Winning Headlines That Sell
    55 Powerful, Award Winning Headlines
    That Will Boost Your Sales!
    Ready to Download Now.
    Here's what you get in this eBook...

    :) 55 Headlines you can copy and paste onto your own sales
    letter or advertisement. Powerful headlines guaranteed to get
    your visitors buying.
    :) Tips on how to craft a winning headline to sell more product.
    :) How to use psychological triggers.

    Get Instant Access To This
    Special Guide
    Just $7.00!
    No need to hire an expensive copywriter or spend years learning what others have already learned.

    Find a headline from the 55 headline templates that best fits your product or service and adapt it.

    I know you want to get this information quickly, so I have created a downloadable eBook you can download immediately and get started using these award winning headlines to win more sales.

    Download These 55 Winning Headlines
    :)Watch your sales soar
    :) Convert more prospects into customers
    :) Effortlessly copy and paste a headline to your sales page,
    squeeze page, or advertisement
    :) Get more visitors to opt-in to your newsletter
    :) Get more clicks from your pay-per click ads, banner ads and
    :) Get more visitors to opt-in to your mailing list
    :) Save months of time trying to learn the secrets copywriters took
    years to learn.
    Get Instant Access Now

    Yes! Give me access to this guide right now!

    Put these headline templates to work for you and watch your sales soar!

    To your success,
    I.M. Wisezenheimer

    P.S. -- These 55 winning headlines are yours for only $7
    P.P.S. -- 30 day money-back guarantee

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