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Why it’s Hard to Lose Weight Second Time Round

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  • So, you were once overweight but you worked hard and managed to shed 40 lbs. Over the years, however, the pounds slowly crept back and now you’re bigger than before you lost the weight. You know it’s time to hit the gym and eat healthier again but somehow you just can’t do it. Why is it so hard to lose weight the second time round?

    You Know What It Takes
    One of the reasons why losing weight again is more challenging than the first time is because you know what it takes. From eating mostly veggies to working out for an hour 6 days a week, shedding pounds takes a lot of hard work.

    When most people think about repeating the process all over again, they get discouraged. Instead, they choose to settle for being overweight or look for new, easier ways to shift pounds.

    Lack of Motivation
    What got you excited about losing weight the first time? For some people, it was the thought of being thinner and fitting into their old pair of jeans. For others, it might have been a weight loss challenge at work or joining the gym for the first time.

    The point is, what used to motivate you might not have the same effect this time round. Finding a solid reason to get leaner is one of the main obstacles to starting again.

    You might be aware that the older you get, the harder it may be to shed weight. This can be discouraging if you’ve tried to get slimmer and received minimal results. Although age slows down the process, it does not inhibit weight loss completely. However, it does mean putting in more effort to achieve your goals.

    Another important factor to weight loss is genetics. While you might not have a problem melting pounds, keeping them off might be the issue. Because some people are predisposed to obesity more than others, the thought of gaining it all back can be demotivating.

    How to Overcome Weight Loss Challenges
    Take heart. There are ways to overcome obstacles to weight loss. Use these strategies in daily life to help you off the couch and back to the fitness guru you once were.

    Don’t Diet, Change Habits
    One of the worst things you can do to try and lose weight the second time round is starve yourself. Weight loss diets are all about deprivation, which is a recipe for long-term disaster. Instead, try to adopt one healthy eating habit a week to get lean and stay that way for life.

    Choose Workouts You Enjoy
    It’s hard to stick to a workout routine you don’t enjoy. So why not find something fun to do instead? Trade in those fitness DVDs for new ones, go shopping for the latest exercise equipment or join a dance class. The more you enjoy the activity, the easier it will be to do on a regular basis.

    Don’t Beat Yourself Up
    Your mind can either be an ally or an enemy. Instead of beating yourself up about gaining back the weight and thinking about hard it will be to lose it again, focus on more positive thoughts.

    Meditate on the fact that you are wiser because you’ve been there. You know what works and what doesn’t. Visualize yourself in the future leaner, happier and healthier. Try positive self-hypnosis if you have to. Banishing negative thoughts is the key to getting back in shape and improving your health.
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