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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.
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    You're frustrated because you find yourself spending too much time trying to generate traffic to your sites and not enough on the things you enjoy in your business.

    Or maybe you're hesitant to buy traffic as you find the thought intimidating because you fear you may have to learn the rules and pay from your own pocket before seeing any returns from your efforts...

    Or worse suffer a negative ROI.

    But you see many marketers achieve successful through buying traffic and build big lists of highly targeted, eager and responsive subscribers and sell tons of products and services.

    Maybe paid traffic is what other marketers do and always been a bit of a mystery to you... Albeit a mystery you're curious to explore and find out more about.

    But in spite of your curiousity the amount of paid traffic options available to you can be overwhelming so you're nervous and unsure about which one, or which ones, to choose and buy...

    We All Dream About Setting Up Our Website, Releasing Our Latest Offer And Then Turning On The Traffic Tap!

    And the fastest and targeted way of sending traffic to your offers or your sites is paid traffic.

    You know because you've read on forums and blogs, there's often much less work involved in sending paid traffic to your sites as opposed to free traffic...

    And let's face it we all like the idea of a fast ROI on a minimum time period.

    But you also know there's more to it than just throwing up a site or a buy button or a squeeze page and kicking back and relaxing for the week.

    The thing is paid traffic is a results-driven strategy that, when used correctly, can not only blow the lid off your ROI in a very fast time...

    But has the potential to explode your online business more rapidly than you had ever dared dream possible!

    And it doesn't matter on your budget...

    When You Buy Traffic You Can Get Guaranteed Visitors To Your Websites And Offers In 24 Hours Or Less Whether You Have A Budget Of $10,000 or Just $10!

    Paid traffic comes quickly. There's no waiting around for weeks or months.

    But that's just ONE of the benefits of buying your own traffic.

    There are other including...

    IT'S GUARANTEED. You don't have to try to convince JV partners to work with you or get others to take action. . . you pay for it.

    IT'S DUPLICATABLE. Your can repeat it over and over. . . if you spend $10 to make $20, just keep doing it over and over again!

    IT'S VARIED. There are many, many ways to buy traffic. You don't have to worry about if one methods dries up, you have a variety of other methods that are generating a traffic stream for you.
    In a nutshell paid traffic gets you

    Which is why the successful marketers have used it, and continue to use it to grow and scale their businesses.

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    Paid Traffic Handbook is packed full with the best paid traffic methods savvy rich marketers use because they get results.... FAST!

    Here's what you'll learn...

    ==> Exactly what Pay Per Click (or PPC) marketing is and why and how these ads make marketers and businesses lots of money.

    ==> The two types of PPC ads and the important but subtle differences between the both.

    ==> The 6 steps you need to take to get your PPC Ad setup and online including the crucial step which largely determines how well your Ad performs.

    ==> 7 trade secrets to a winning PPC Ad campaign including 4 leaks into how a successful PPC management Company ENSURES significant success for their clients AdWords campaigns.

    ==> The 6 main advantages of using PPC ads and how you can get ULTRA targeted traffic from it PLUS 4 common mistakes that can kill your campaigns in a heartbeat so you suffer a negative ROI.

    ==> Exactly what Pay Per View (or PPV) is, the number #1 reason many marketers and businesses prefer using it and why and how these Ads make these marketers and businesses lots of money.

    ==> The 6 actionable and important steps you need to get your PPV Ad live including how to use covert but highly effective spying techniques so your Ad stands out from your competition.

    ==> 7 secrets to a winning PPV Ad campaign including the best way to start out with PPV if you're a complete beginner.

    ==> The 6 main advantages of using PPV ads including why you increase the chances of your Ad being seen and read PLUS 4 common mistakes to avoid at all costs.

    ==> The 2 main paths you need to take when buying Media Ads and flood your sites and offers with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of targeted visitors each day.

    ==> 6 specific steps you need to take to get your best banner ad space in place including 7 popular Ad networks you can use.

    ==> 7 secrets to a successful Media Buys campaign including the one important step you need to take before approaching a large Ad Network.

    ==> The 4 main advantages of using Media Buys including 4 common mistakes to avoid so your media buying budget doesn't dry up ridiculously fast.

    ==> Exactly what Facebook marketing is and why and marketers of all levels are flowing towards it in droves and using it for their primary marketing campaigns.

    ==> 8 important factors you need to consider before creating your facebook Ads and 8 killer tips from some of the savviest and most successful facebook marketing entrepreneurs on the planet.

    ==> 7 secrets to a winning facebook ad campaign including 10 real life examples of facebook Ads that work and more importantly why they work.

    ==> The 4 main advantages of using facebook ads including the real reason why marketers buy traffic from facebook as well as 4 common facebook marketing mistakes to avoid.

    I'm sure you can already see how powerful Paid Traffic Handbook is?

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