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Vobot Whatsapp Bot Script - Fully Automated Professional Multithread desktop software for mass Whats 7.0

Purchase this item for $269.00

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    Our company is one of the top developers of high quality and dependable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions used by countless business owners and professionals as their primary tool in connecting with their target audience. We are one of the best sources of reliable Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels which are two main components before you could run an effective whatsapp marketing campaign.
    Our latest Whatsapp Marketing tool "VIZOBOT WHATSAPP" is another type of Whatsapp Marketing Software or tool that enables you to better apply Whatsapp marketing in promoting your various goods and services. If you’re looking for a ninja tool that will enable you to scan Whatsapp numbers in your system, add unlimited Whatsapp numbers and so much more then Vizobot Whatsapp is the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Solution for you!
    Contact us now and start using this bulk Whatsapp Panel immediately so that you can start tapping on your prospect and existing clients through your unique whatsapp marketing campaigns!
    We developed a WhatsApp Messaging Bot to help people reach their clients.
    Boost your creativity in marketing using WhatsApp Messaging Bot - Vizobot WhatsApp
    With this WhatsApp Messaging bot you can do the following:
    ✓ Manual or Automatic registration of Whatsapp accounts (with or without an avatar, names can be taken from the list or generated randomly)
    ✓ Mass send to person or chat groups with text, image, file, video, text and image, text and file, text and video. The Vizobot determines if the chat is valid or not and works only on valid chats.
    ✓ Mass Auto-Reply (Auto responder) Answers can be configured for word-phrases or they can go on a chain for each answer of their message. Answer in text, image, file, video, text and image, text and file, text and video. Also it has option to download incoming messages from account list, for reading only or for sending messages.
    ✓ Fast number checker - Scan and Export Whatsapp numbers from a large database of uncategorized numbers
    This Whatsapp Marketing Panel also has the ability to scan the different numbers found in your database and afterward filters those numbers that are active in Whatsapp. You can then use these filtered numbers for messaging later.
    ✓ PERSONALIZED MESSAGES - You can also send personal messages for each contact with predefined messages with names and many more!
    - and many more!
    ✓ Proxy Feature - enables you to load multiple proxy amounts.
    This Whatsapp Marketing Panel will help safeguard your Whatsapp Channels from getting banned by Whatsapp. Because you are able to load unlimited amount of Proxy IPAddresses, you can now send Whatsapp messages promoting your products and services to thousand other Whatsapp users without limit!
    ✓ Real time status reporting - Using this Whatsapp Marketing Software will also give you the ability to easily monitor the effectiveness of ineffectiveness of your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns. This is easily shown via the real time notification status provided by Whatsapp Panel & Bot. Through this feature, you can now immediately view the status of your messages: whether your marketing campaign messages are sent.
    Why we are one of the leading Whatsapp Marketing Providers in the industry:
    The stark difference between our company against our competitors is not only limited to our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. We also take time to learn your business and your requirements so we have an idea what options we could offer you.
    Product Disclaimer:
    All our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions like Whatsapp Panel & Bot are not meant for SPAM messaging. We reserved the right not to be implicated with the irresponsible actions of our clients.

    $269 one time payment + 49$ / monthly (next month)
    Why monthly payment? We constantly adding new features and updates to bot, check our changelog
    For more info contact us on Skype / EMAIL

    Alex (Marketing, Developer Team)
    Skype: vizobot
    E-Mail: hello (at) vizobot.com
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