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Viral Youtube Video Share Locker/Social Locker - Watch for x seconds, share to watch 1.0

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  • Viral Youtube Videos Share Locker or Social Locker.

    Do you want your traffic to share to continue watching your video?

    Share to view Youtube script

    A Youtube video plays for x seconds, then they have to share to continue watching.


    This is where they share:

    Includes a CPA version, which they need to get through a content locker after sharing.

    What is it?

    This is a script implemented onto a Youtube video, where the user watches for X seconds, and a share button will pop up telling them that they have to share to continue watching. Once the user has shared, the video will automatically continue to play.

    What links can I share?

    You can share any link that you wish. A Facebook App ID is required for the share to view script. (Very easy to sign up for) This script will work on your websites, landing page, Blogger, and also Wordpress.

    What if I do not know how to set this up?

    This is a very simple, and easy to use script. If you do not know how to set this up, there are very clear step by step instructions included. This is for HTML sites, a simple drag and upload. It also works on Wordpress if you know how to insert scripts onto Wordpress. I am also providing full support. PM me and I will help you all the way through.

    What can this be used for?

    You can use this to to create VIRAL TRAFFIC to your website. You can even create a viral video website. You could receive huge amounts of subscribers to your list.

    Be creative, and you can make lots with this. You can use this for videos where you are about to say a secret, idea, information, and when the video stops, the user really wants to hear what's next, so they share to continue. It will help you gain huge amounts of traffic to your website.

    Raise Your Search Engine Rankings

    Having Facebook shares is a key point to increasing your rank on Google. Search engines also put weight on the amount of traffic you have. With all of these shares you are receiving, you will also receive huge amounts of traffic to go along with it.

    Remember, once a person shares, their friends will also have to share. Each person has to share, and the cycle continues. All you need to do is drive traffic to your video, and you could get easily receive viral traffic from these shares. But wait! To help you get viral traffic, not only do you receive this script, here is a bonus share and like script just for buying:

    Here are some reviews from my other sales thread:

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