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Fern Quaker
Untapped Ultra Cheap Traffic Source | $0.000003 - $0.00001 Per Visitor | Resell This Traffic! 1

Purchase this item for $110.00

  • What do I offer?
    • A traffic source which is very very cheap and can only be found from referrals.
    • A step by step guide on how to use the traffic source.
    • Point of contact of the traffic sources I mentioned on the guide.
    • Real human visitors.
    • Visits from all over the globe.
    • You can get real human visitors for as low as $0.00001 per visit.
    • That's 100 000 visitors for $1.
    • Traffic can be tracked on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
    • Only legit page views.
    • No bots, no scripts, no traffic exchange, no proxies, no data centers.
    • Traffic comes from unique IPs, useragent, ISP's, browsers and devices.
    • This is direct pop traffic.
    • No guarantee that it will work on Youtube and Adsense because these platforms don't like pop traffic.
    • It doesn't work on URL shortener that pays.
    • Traffic drip feeding option is available inside the platform.

    I also offer my insider information on how and where to buy
    $0.000003 per visitor. Yes, that's 5 zero's after the decimal point. That's a total of 333,333 visitors for just $1.

    Let me show you some stats of my 3 campaigns:





    What can I do with this kind of traffic?
    • You can buy traffic from these networks and resell on Fiverr. You can also use these traffic for affiliate marketing.

    How much am I paying for information?
    • The cost of my eBook is $110.

    How much is the initial deposit for these traffic sources?
    • An initial investment of at least $10-$50 to deposit money on one of these traffic sources.

    What payment method does these ad networks accept for deposits?
    • Paypal, Debit/Credit card, Payoneer

    What payment method do you accept?
    • Paypal

    What is your refund policy?
    • After I sent you the Ebook on how to acquire cheap traffic, there will be no refunds.

    Are you the owner of these traffic sources?
    • No, I just discovered them myself.

    What are the placements I can target with this traffic?
    • You can also target countries, carrier, device types, device brands, browsers, and OS. But in order to get traffic for as low as $0.00001 per visit, I highly recommend targeting all countries.

    NOTE: I am selling a way on how to get cheap traffic, I do not sell the results to make money, the result comes from testing and taking action about the information you have and that’s something I simply cannot force anyone to do.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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