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Ultimate Guide to Eliminate the Body Fat and Maintain Muscle Mass

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    Table of contents

    880 words
    Guidelines to Eliminate the Body Fat and maintain Muscle

    Create an energy deficit to eliminate fat
    -Calculate your diet step by step: Calculate caloric needs
    -Calculate your diet step by step: Extra caloric adjustments
    -Calculate your diet step by step: Macronutrients of a food
    -Calculate your diet step by step: Percentages of macronutrients
    Perform high intensity bodybuilding
    - Strength training: Duration, programs, and diet
    - Full body routines: Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages
    - Leg & Torso routines: Features, advantages, and disadvantages
    Increase our caloric expenditure
    Eliminating fat is a marathon, not a sprint

    830 words
    Calculate Your Diet Step-by-Step: Calculate Caloric Needs
    Calculation of basal metabolism (MB)
    -Basic formula
    -Harris-Benedict formula
    -Katch-McArdle formula
    Factors that increase basal metabolism
    Calorie requirement calculation

    740 words
    -Calculate your diet step-by-step: Extra caloric adjustments
    Specifying the calories we burn in the gym
    Thermogenic effect of food
    Hours of sleep

    560 words
    -Calculate your diet step-by-step: Macronutrients of a food
    Read the food packaging label
    Web to calculate macronutrients
    Calculate the macronutrients of a food

    770 words
    -Calculate your diet step-by-step: Percentages of macronutrients
    Overview of a diet
    Objectives of the people
    Basic macronutrient ranges
    Offset Calories

    550 words
    - Strength Training: Duration, Programs and Diet
    How long should a strength stage last?
    Training frequency
    Most frequent strength programs
    Diet to follow

    670 words
    - Full body routines: Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages
    Characteristics of full body routines
    Advantages of full body routines
    Disadvantages of full body routines

    690 words
    - Leg & Torso routines: Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages
    Features of the leg/torso routines
    Advantages of leg/torso routines
    Disadvantages of leg/torso routines
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    1. Ultimate Guide to Eliminate the Body Fat and Maintain Muscle Mass
      Guidelines to Eliminate the Body Fat and Maintain Muscle Mass After performing a range of...