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ULP applications - ESP8266 / ESP32

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  • Article describes the Deep Sleep operating mode implemented in the ESP8266 and ESP32 microcontrollers produced by Espressif Systems. The article explains the principles of waking up the Xtensa processor using available wake-up resources.

    The description is also based on the possibility of storing the value in the RTC registers available in the processor. The article also refers to the Water Level Monitor project, which allows the collection of water level data and battery operation. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the reader will also receive the source code of the ULP application, which he can use and modify for his application.

    Source code available at: http://arduino.clanweb.eu/studna_s_prekladom/program.php?lang=en

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    1. ULP applications - ESP8266 / ESP32
      Low power consumption is a top priority for IoT applications. We also call these applications...