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  • “Learn How These Teenagers Make More Than Their Parents,
    All Thanks To Twitter
    And they do it all with:
    No Website No Product No List No Spam

    “ I hate myself for not having Twitter When it first started. If I had twitter in the
    beginning, I Could be collecting about a million dollars a year.
    -Jon, 18

    I now have over 15 Twitter accounts that I run. The job isn’t stressful. I work 90
    minutes a day And everything else is automated. I can work mobile from my iPhone or iPad. It’s a crazy way to make $8,000 a Week.”
    -Kris, 19

    Erskine here… and I’m guessing youre here because you keep hearing about this twitter stuff, but cant make heads or tail of it at all.
    You know that there is a huge market there to choose from (over 200 million and rapidly growing), ready to be monetized.

    But every time you log into your account, you get distracted by these noise, overwhelmed by the charter. Maybe it’s what kept you from twitter in the first place.

    It leaves you wondering:

    · How do you get followers?
    · How do you get them to take the action?
    · How do you do it effectively without spamming people?

    Just Google “twitter success Stories” and you’ll see how much of a gold-mine twitter really is, but for some users, the result are beyond impressive.

    Every week, there’s an army of twitter entrepreneurs making $300,$500,$900 and even $3,000 a week on twitter, and just twitter.

    What’s more, many of them are still in high school … still living with their parents, but while their friends are making minimum wage working at the mall, these kids are making exclusive-level salaries.

    For them, making money on twitter is something that is repeatable and consistent. Everyday, they focus on the same few tasks, working less than part-time and making executive-level of salaries.

    How do they do it? Possibly because they don’t know a damn thing about “marketing”.

    How do I know? Because I dove in and became one of them!

    “This Is What I Learn Most on Twitter and What makes me Real Cash on Auto Pilot
    This wasn’t my first attempt at twitter.

    When I first heard about twitter, some time back in 2007, my exact thought was, “ what’s this nonsense? I give it six months before it goes under.”

    I would later end up eating my words.

    Fast forward to early 2009, and twitter refuse to go away. I finally decided to dabble, but only if I could make a buck at it.

    At the time, unless you were Ashton Kutcher, the only way to get a significant follower count was to use a bot, scrape tweets from RSS feedsand even then, the only way to make money at it was to pretend I was a pretty girl.

    Despite my trifecta for disaster, I actually made some money.

    My success was short lived thought. It didn’t take long for my twitter profile to get banned, and I was shut out completely when my affiliate networks canceled my accounts, forfeiting all of my commissions.

    Looking back on it, twitter really did me a favor, it was a really lousy way to try and make a dollar.

    Nevertheless, I remained somewhat jaded by my past twitter experiences.

    Whenever I would read a news story consisting of just a roundup tweets, or a television show sum up an episode with a clever hashtag, or hear some social media exert spout how, “it’s all about the conversion.” I would roll my eyes a little.

    Scratch that… I would my eyes a lot. I thought I was done with twitter for good.

    However, despite how much I loathed the lip-service given towards twitter, a time went on, I found my self checking in more and more.

    At first, it was to get up to speed o developing news stories, but stuck around to listen in on the collective commentary and reactions to current events.

    I started to pick up on some of the trends, conventions, and behavior of how twtter users interact with each other.

    I also noticed some users that had massive followings, and it wasn’t just Justin Bieber or OneDirection.

    While I was mildly curious, I pretty much shrugged it off as folks with too much time on their hands,
    Fishing to the next Justin Halpern, Hoping to get a short-lived sitcom with Shatner.

    I began to think that there might be something to this, so I got to work. I had no expectations, other than I wanted to see if I could replicate the results and possibly make some money at it.

    Turns Out I could do both.

    I did a deep dive into 1,200 of the top monetized twitter account that didn’t belong to a celebrity or a bran recognized outside twitter.

    Through m research I learned that a secret army if twitter entrepreneurs exist. Most work less than an hour a day, and many are making a full-time, multiple six-figure a month income using just twitter, and twitter alone!

    What’s more, is that most of these kids. Under 8-year old, still living with their parents. That’s right, instead of getting part-time jobs, these kids are making a killing on twitter right NOW!

    BUY NOW find out the most powerful method of earning money SIX-FIGURE a month just by twitter alone!
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