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Tricks to Earn $5/ day from Neobux and Probux 1

Purchase this item for $30.00

  • Today, I'm selling my first trick that i'm using to earn $3-$6 a day or $20-$40 weekly in Neobux and Probux..it's very easy. You will only take 30 to 45 minutes. This guide will be given to only 10 people to avoid it become saturated.
    $5 cover.jpg

    What is this trick?

    This Tricks will allow you to earn $2-$6 daily in both sites. this tricks will be only given to limited people.

    It consist of the following:
    1. Ebook-guide
    2. Video Tutorial
    3. Trick itself

    Is it for free?

    Is there a possibilities that i will get banned here?
    - yes there is a possibility that you will get ban if you don't follow the guides. it's only 1% though.

    - Using this trick won't violate ToS of Neobux and Probux. so it's safe to use. To avoid that this trick won't be saturated, i will give it to few people.

    Is this working in Neobux and Probux at the same day?
    80% yes
    20% no
    but 100% it will work on one of them..

    - it actually depends on the internet connections you have.

    Ebook + Tricks + Video Tutorial = $30

    - sure... here you are...

    NOTE: this tutorial has separated video tutorial. I can't attach it here, so, please, kindly PM me after purchasing, I'll give you the download link to the video tutorial.
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