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  • About
    This changes thread icons to be the avatar of the thread starter. It applies to thread listings on forumdisplay, search results and subscribed threads in the UserCP.

    • Upload the cssrollup_digitalpoint_threadavatars.xml file to includes/xml (this is really only needed if you store CSS as files in the file system)
    • Install the product-dp_thread_avatars.xml product under AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    • Icons are cropped (but never stretched) to be square for display.
    • Threads with no new posts have the avatar slightly greyed out.
    • Locked threads will have a lock image overlayed.
    • Soft-deleted threads will have a red X image overlayed.
    • If the user posted in the thread, they will see a mini version of their avatar overlayed.
    • If a thread is "hot", the shadow of the icon will change color.
    • ZERO SQL queries are added.
    • Overlay images are encoded as CSS data (no extra HTTP requests needed for images or the CSS files themselves).
    • If your site uses pre-defined avatars, they are not scaled down for use as the icon since vBulletin does not store the dimensions (instead, the upper/left position is cropped for the icon).
    • You can disable the mini-avatars under AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Forum Display Options (forumdisplay) -> Highlight Threads in Which User Has Posted
    • You can disable the hot thread highlight under AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Forum Display Options (forumdisplay) -> Hot Threads Enabled
    • You can change the color of the hot thread shadow under AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> StyleVars -> dpta_shadow_hot_color
    • You can change the size of the avatar under AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> StyleVars -> threadbit_iconsize (since they are square, it keys only on width)
    • If your site uses pre-defined avatars, you should use the AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> User Picture Options -> Site Uses Pre-Defined Avatars option

    • If you want to add your own mini-icon overlays, you can utilize the $template_hook['thread_avatars'] variable to do so.
    • If you want to selectively disable thread avatars, you can set the $show['hide_thread_avatars'] to true. This would allow you to create a custom profile field for users and set the $show['hide_thread_avatars'] based on the user's setting. Alternately you could enable the addon for certain usergroups or just for specific styles.
    1. GHRake
      by ,
    2. write.subhajit
      I think this is a great modification, Thanks.
      by ,
    3. |Norman|
      It would be great for 3.8.9 also!
      by ,
    4. WyldeOsc
      In all honesty I think there are too many buttons & widgets in managed website builders and blogs. Don't get me wrong now, I love my buttons and widgets. I just think they make things a bit confusing for the average Joe. WyldeOsc
      by ,
    5. Arick unirow
      'Avatar Icon' is better than 'standard thread icon'. :) Five stars
      by ,
    6. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,
    7. mvdtx
      works really well would be nice to have the same thing again but for prefix to appear in that position.
      by ,
    8. MexicanPass
      Good for my forum, pretty much!
      by ,
    9. rahu_l_
      An awesome plugin, must use!
      by ,
    10. Devtard
      Great modification, thanks!
      by ,
    11. psharma
      A great plugin for VBulletin forum owners and another DP original. I always liked this idea, and now it is available for everyone.
      by ,