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The World's First Friv Game Theme (Wordpress) 1.0

Purchase this item for $29.00

  • We all know the popularity of Friv.com there are thousands of sites like friv. Every publishers knows that the Friv keyword has high search volume in Google searchs.. A few months ago, we wanted to join this trend and we tried to find a friv theme for use in wordpress. But we couldn't find theme for wordpress or another scripts. Thousands of websites on internet, getting visitors with the friv keyword.Almost all of the sites using ordinary game themes.Only a few of them use their own private friv similar theme. This situation gives us an idea to make a Friv theme for those sites which are getting visitors from Friv keyword. Now we are proudly announcing the first Wordpress Friv Theme for sale to the world.

    and WPFriv



    Classy And Popular

    Best and most elegant design for your visitors coming with friv keywords. And popular Friv.com concept


    You can make all settings with FrivPanel. There is no need for you to have knowledge of the web programming or you do not have to deal with the complexity of code. You can change whatever you want easily and accurate. Counter, Analystic , Ads Manage etc. You can control everything with this FrivPanel

    Most Played Games

    When we are creating WPFriv, We wanted to show the Most Played games to your visitors. The left side of the home page and search page section at the under of the ad section on your site includes most played games. You can show your visitors the most popular games of your site. Your visitors can easily have access to high-quality games and will notice that there are quality games on your site and it is good for you to have Most Played Games; These are the games which are preferred mostly.With the advancement of the pages, such as page number 2 and page number 3 , respectively, the most played games goes on. So, most played 12 games will be shown on the first page on your site. When visitor goes to the second page of the most played games. They will see most played games between 13-24 games. Third page between 25-36.. So your visitors list on your site by the number of plays all the games. The situation is different on search pages, lists most played games on the searched word, for example "mario" search: most played games in the left section, only the "Mario" games. Thus, when visitor "mario" search not newest to oldest, They ll see most played "mario" games. these games are probably going to love the new visitors' like the previous visitors. Thus, new visitors "nice games on this site have " perception will be reinforced.

    Random Games

    When we are creating WPFriv theme, we created a section for random games. This section will show all games randomly. In this way, Never played in games show homepage and new visitors be able to play these games. This important thing for Google SEO Optimization. So this is going to increasing the value of your site for Google and other search engine websites. Random games section is located at the bottom right of the search and home page Random Games; 12 randomly selected game on Main Page, In search pages: 12 games with the "search term" randomly selected, In this way , The visitors ll se never played or little played "search term" games. This will increase your pages value for Google.

    Game Is Loading

    (Activate/Deactivate, You can set Game Is Loading page time).You can show ads with game is loading feature.You can activate-deactivate this feature from WpFriv PAnel, also you can set game is loading pages time.

    Anti Ads

    Advertisements in the flash games are unclickable. So if there is a advertisement of another website in the flash game and your visitors they can not go to link of the advertisement. You can hold your visitors in your site. This feature gives you a power to hold your visitor in your site and you won't use points in Google's eye by giving link to another gaming site. This will increase your SEO power. This feature increases online time of users and online number of users X2 in our websites.

    Unity 3D Support

    Didn't you find how to add Unity 3(D New technology of gaming world) games to your website ?There is not a Unity 3d support in gaming softwares ? We found a solution for this ! You can add Unity 3D games with our Wpfriv Theme . You can launch Unity 3D Games in your site with your Websites LOGO !.


    Full Dynamic Structure

    Our WpFriv Theme has fully dynamic structure ! You can set every feture from our Theme Admin Panel.

    Easy Installation + Zero "0" Plug-in

    Theme installation is easy. All you have to do is installing the theme and then activate the theme. We didn't use any plug while crating ths theme ! Pagenavi,Most Payed Games,Random Games etc. all are coded separately.

    We are ending old theme obligation with Transition Feature!

    You can run old themes pictures,games with our Transition feature with just a click of your mouse.


    Easy Integration

    You can integration WPFriv easily with MyarcadePlugin or like this plugins . To do this, use the transition panel . Example ; For Myarcade integration . Use Transiton panel. You ll see Thumbnail ID section and write here "mabp_thumbnail_url" , SWF CUSTOM FIELD ID "mabp_swf_url" so, simply type.

    IMAGE CACHE (optional)


    WP-UPDATE Notice

    You are going to be informed about upgrades in our theme with WP Update Notice ! There will be notice in Admin panel if there is a update in this theme !


    BOT PROPERTIES - %100 Wordpress Flexibility. Bot works as plugin and it is %100 Wordpress flexible.

    Bot Loads Games from 8 Different Online Gaming Sites

    - A10.com
    - AddictingGames.com
    - TokiGames.com
    - ArmorGames.com
    - DidiGames.com
    - Flonga.com
    - FreeOnlineGames.com
    - i6.com

    Auto Schedule

    With Auto Schedule Feature you can add games only clicking ADD button.Auto Schedule blocks adding multiple games in a seconds. It automaticly times your posts. It adds 1 game per hour. This increases your pages value in Googles eye ! If you add multiple games in a seconds or minutes Googles decreases your page value ! With this feuature you can add content 24 hours a day. ( You can change post publishing time from ayar.php)

    Squeeze Together

    According to HayalOyun experience we created Squeeze Together feature. How does Squeeze Together works ? Most of our friends adds hundreds of games with Auto Schedule so day adds hundreds of games which can enough for months a day ! For Example you add 500 games with Auto Schedule featur ! This means your site will publish 500 games X 1 Hour = 500 Hour ! What will you do if you don't want to wait auto scheduled ? You can use Squeeze Together feauture if you are in this situation. Squeeze Together inserts game after 4-5 hours and it doesn't conflicts with your auto scheduled posts ! So you can add hundreds of games which can be enough for months and you cn insert new games while auto schedule process is running.

    Automaticly Optimized Images

    Bot automaticly optimizes images while getting content from other websites. There won't be any quality loss while getting images.It downgrades KB of the images and resizes the picture without and quality loss. So the sizes of the images and will be Seo Friendly and can be used in your site ! You can get content by New Games,Categories,Searching. Bot works as a plugin so using is very easy.

    Price: $29 (One domain license)


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