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The Viral Script 5.0

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    Google and Facebook start stoping marketers from getting free traffic through SEO and Facebook social share by changing their algorithms so the marketers will buy ads from Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

    So Forget about SEO, Forget about sharing in Facebook.

    The new way of getting traffic is VIRAL MARKETING



    Let each visitor drive you more visitors, sounds good to be true?
    Well with ViralBuzz you can receive unlimited visitors to your website, your website will become Viral.

    This is a viral referral script where users will have to share a referral link that is generated. People will have to send at least 5 visitors to your website to access your content and this can create a viral effect.

    - Visitor enter to your page where you offer them something : Giveaway, Download, ebook, CPA offer .....

    - A referral link is generated for every visitor.

    - Visitor need to drive a certain amount of visitors to your website to access download or private content

    - After the visitor drives the amount of visitors you set, the visitor will get redirected to a link of your choice. This can be a CPA offer, a download, a video or a opt in form.

    Demo of ViralBuzz


    - Demo of ViralBuzz Giveaway
    - Demo of ViralBuzz Movie
    - Demo of ViralBuzz Game
    - Demo of ViralBuzz Download
    - Demo of ViralBuzz Coupon

    These templates are all included in this script.


    Imagine that you drive initial 1000 visitors to your website, and every one of this 1000 need to drive 5 visitors to get access to your content :

    1000 x 5 = 5000 visitors
    5000 x 5 = 25 000 visitors
    25 000 x 5 = 125 000 visitors
    125 000 visitors x 5 = 625 000 visitors

    Your website will be Viral, There is no limit to the potential of ViralBuzz, the traffic will grow like a Snowball effect.


    - Drive traffic to your main website
    - Grow your Mailing list = Huge Potential
    - Incentive CPA offers = Huge Conversions
    - Affiliate Marketing
    - MLM Opportunity or Business Opportunity (Get signups & referrals)
    - Giveaway, Ebook .....

    ViralBuzz is a PHP script can be installed in 5 min
    Need hosting and Mysql database

    Purchase now and use it for unlimited websites
    Receive 5 templates FREE

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