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  • I've always seen that having a good site in cyberspace is like having a piece of real estate. It's all about location, location, location of real estate, and content in cyberspace. In cyberspace you can own a shop on the main high street and compete with the big kids and win. As with any shop, if you wear a window well, they will be poured through the doors. This is where Google's PPC Adsense comes in. Maybe they don't see what they want and click on the AdSense PPC link to get their attention. Or you can scroll through your pages and click on the AdSense link that looks interesting to visit other topics of interest. Or, if your site is really good, visitors will click on other relevant affiliate links and you will get a percentage of the sales value, they will come back and tell others. Each visit increases the odds of AdSense clicking or selling. You can expect 50% of visitors to enter the store while on the high street, with an average of 4% in cyberspace advertising. Unlike the High Street Shop, cyberspace can handle thousands and millions of visitors every 365 days. Now with 4% of it going from 10c to $ 10 per click, there are no more sales and no worries or overheads than you can ever make from a high street store.
    There is no limit to the amount of cyber-property one can own, and your only limitation is the number of hours someone can physically work, so it is essential to automate as much as possible.
    Briefly. An advertiser may have spent a fortune developing a super site to market its super product and promote it with Google AdWords. If your site's content is useful about that product, it could be your site, topping the search engine pile. Your visitors will see their ad via the AdSense link and you are just sold. The advertiser is happy with your referrals and higher bids to get the most out of their keywords on your site, which means you get more per click. This is the interactive beauty of Google Adsense.
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      The dispute between Google fraud and non-fraud is very similar to tax evasion and tax evasion...