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The Miracle Tuber "That Beats Cancer Without Chemo or Radiation"

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  • Discover how a very simple and common product of the Cassava tuber widely consumed especially in Africa and even regarded as a "Poor man's food" can cure cancer. Find out:
    • How it is prepared for the purpose of fighting cancer.
    • What makes it effective and active in combating cancer.
    • Testimony of how it completely eliminated cancer from a patient's bladder within a month.
    The Health Industry would'nt want you to know this as they make a lot of money from chemo and radiation treatments which does not eliminate the root cause of cancer and will have you go back after few months or years to repeat these procedures.
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    1. The Miracle Tuber "Beat Cancer Without Radiation"
      A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE CASSAVA: Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also known as manioc...