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  • the Bouncer Handbook provides REAL Insight Into The REAL World Of Bouncing

    Discover How I Made $500 a Night Bouncing

    Yes, I made as much as $500 a night cash working in Strip Clubs. Escape your boring, low paying job, and get paid to be surrounded by gorgeous women. Most clubs have between 30 and 100 dancers working at a time, and each one is obligated to tip the bouncer $5 to $10 per night. This is one of the best kept secrets out there and you can set yourself up for a life of fun, great friends, and hot women all while being paid.

    Dear Future Bouncer,

    You've probably seen movies like Road House or read books on bouncing. Movies often over glorifying the bouncer lifestyle, but they do offer a small glimpse into the world of bouncing. Getting a job as a bouncer is easier than you think, and The Bouncer Handbook gives you the tools, guidance, and advice you need to become a strip club or nightclub bouncer. You don't have to be juiced-up on steroids or super huge to become a bouncer. But you do have to be quick witted and confident to defuse and control volatile situations. Bouncing is a tough job, but comes with many perks.

    Whether you are just not cut out for mainstream cooperate America, need a little excitement in you life, or just want to earn extra money on weekends this job is for you. In order to make a career out of bouncing you need to know where the money is, and how to make it.

    You will learn how to find and land the job, how to get promoted, and how to deal with situation like a pro. The Bouncer Handbook prepares you for working in strip clubs and night clubs. You are getting two books in one and all valuable information that club owners and managers don’t tell you.

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