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The 200 Best Home Businesses - Easy method to make money from home 1

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  • Tired of your humdrum workday routine? Looking for a new an exciting career path that allows you to be your own boss and make your own rules? The 200 Best Home Businesses is the book for you.
    This completed revised and update 2nd edition profiles 200 of the best and most profitable businesses that you can run from your home Inside, you'll find jobs for your every interest, from Computer Programmer to Personal Chef. Each business profile provides you with all of the information you need to choose the business that's right for you:
    The pros and cons of each business Estimated start up costs Skills needed Advertising tips Expert advice from home business entrepreneurs No matter what your interest or level of experience, you can take charge of your life, tap into your unique background and talents, and build a solid career for the future. The 200 Best Home Businesss, 2nd Edition shows you how! Summary: Same information can be found onlineRating: 1No new information..........can do online reasearch and find same info. Don't waste money unless you are not good at research and want it put in front of you. Summary: Did not like it!Rating: 2This book did not help me at all. It was all just alist of ideas of businesses to start(I could have written it) but no concrete advise on how to start. I finally found a business I love! and it was not listed in the book. Summary: good ideasRating: 4Lots of good ideas in this book. Each idea is only given a brief overview but it's a good way to get your own ideas going and they give you resources to find more information. Most of the business ideas were practical and do-able for most people. I liked it! Summary: Not what I was looking for...Rating: 2I read this book looking for ideas to help supplement by regular income by doing something from home. This was NOT the book for me. Most of the suggestions were totally useless for me and required a lot of skills/education that I don't have and would have to obtain before I started. For example, two of the suggestions are Accountant and Lawyer (!). This would better have been titled as "Careers That Allow You To Work At Home If You Want To." Also, as a side note, the projected earnings about Medical Transcriptionist was WAY overinflated...I am doing that currently, and my mother owns her own business and makes really good money, but not the $40-$60 an hour stated in the book. That's outrageous! Summary: 200 Best Home Businesses My ReviewRating: 5I loved this book, granted you could really think of many of these ideas yourself, but truly not everyone is savvy on the internet to research. Finding a home based business is a tough task, you may want to read and re-read many of the ideas that spark an interest with you! If you do not like dogs, don't be a pet sitter. Take notes at every opportunity.
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