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  • Teams offers your members a great way to create minicommunities. Whether it's for a gaming clan, or an off topic community, Teams is great for anyone! This application features:
    • Create / Join Teams with perusergroup permissions.
    • Team Management from the frontend by the Team Leader or forum staff.
    • Team Emblems. Allow your members to personalise their team by uploading a team emblem.
    • Team Invititation system. Your Team Leaders can create a 'closed' team, and then invite members..
    • Team News system. Your Team Leaders can add news posts to a team which will notify all members of that team.
    • Transfer Teams. A Team Leader can transfer their teams to other users.
    • Notifications
    • Team Leaders will be notified when someone joins a team which they have created.
    • Team Members will be notified when someone joins a team which they're a member of.
    • Users will recieve a notification when a team is transferred to them, or when they're invited to a team.

    Please report all bugs here: http://thegeekdistrict.com/community/tracdown/categories/8-teams/
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