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Lynn C
Starting an Online Business From Scratch 1

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  • From: Rocky Cole

    To: Clients of Rocky Cole

    Hi, Rocky here . . . .

    Are you struggling with starting an online business?

    Are you frustrated because you are not sure what steps to take to start earning online?

    Or are you trying to figure out why your online business isn't taking off?

    If so, you are not alone, in fact, until I managed to figure out the ins and outs of online business I was struggling too.

    Here's the thing, I started trying to work online in 2009, and it took me multiple attempts to get any traction and make any money at all. At one point I was overwhelmed and about to give up. I started driving an airport shuttle bus on the 4 a.m. shift to make ends meet while I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong with my online business.

    The thing is, driving around an airport at 4 a.m. gives you a lot of quality thinking time. What I discovered was that I was approaching the problem of setting up an online business from the wrong direction, and that there is a very special - and unique - way to initiate and set up a sustainable long-term business you can be proud of.

    And in my business, I've discovered how to stop procrastinating and take action on a daily basis. Once I figured out how to set up a successful online service business, I branched out into two other types of online business--products and information. Finally, I was having some success!

    Once I cracked the code and understood that chasing the magic WSO wasn't going to get it done, I was able to apply what I'd learned to just about any online business I could imagine. And I did it the same way, over and over again, . . . . .

    The good news is, I have created a powerful "Starting an Online Business From Scratch" audio and pdf training package that will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it to . . . .

    Here's what you'll discover in my rock solid "Starting an Online Business From Scratch" Program:
    • Keys to Starting an Online Business from Scratch
    • What People Really Want
    • What is the Best Online Business to start
    • Understand the Niche and Create Problem Solving Products
    • What is the Ideal Set-up for an Online Business
    • The Basic Model for Creation of an Online Information Business
    • Information Product Creation Tips
    • What are the Steps You Need to Follow to set up Your Online Business
    • How Not to Over-Complicate the Process
    • Checklist for Online Business Development
    By the way: I give you step by step, line by line steps to take, from creating a product to setting up a website, to driving "buyers" to your products or service offers.

    This is real - world stuff that will change your way of approaching business and building long-term customer relationships!
    Here's what else you'll discover:
    • The Key step you have to take to get moving in starting a long-term online business.
    • Exactly how to think about your business . . . (it's not a one-time event, it's a process and an attitude!)
    • A secret key to quickly creating products and writing content.
    • How to determine if you are best suited to providing services, physical products, or information products online.
    • Step by step how to set up an online information product business or a service delivery business.
    • How to figure out exactly what 7 steps you need to take to get your business up and running.

    One of the most important questions you have to ask is: Why have I not been able to get my online business off the ground?
    Is it because you don't know what steps to take, and in what order to take them?

    Is it because you perpetually buy WSOs looking for some magic solution that ends up being all hype?

    Is it because you aren't sure what your ultimate goal is in working online in the first place?

    Along with the audio and the 20 page guide on starting a successful and sustainable online business, you will also receive two bonus products:
    • The Secret of FIVERR and other Micro-job sites—How to earn $1,000 a Month or More
    • How do you get jobs on sites like eLance, oDesk, Guru, Freelancer etc…?

    These two bonus products include tips and training on getting long-term clients and buyers, as well as a step-by-step processon quickly creating original content and information products.

    Now, here's the thing, this training is not a magic-bullet, but it is powerful and can change the way you are approaching the creation of your online business. . . and if you are struggling, this is going to change things.

    The audio training and the guide get to the heart of the issues fast so you can start implementing the process to start your successful online business immediately.

    So .. . .if you want my "Starting an Online Business From Scratch" training, you can begin using it IMMEDIATELY. . . get it now at special test pricing of only $5.00:
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