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Social Media Marketing Website Template - Wordpress (Ready Made Website) 1

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  • Social Media Marketing Business & Website + Suppliers (Hosting + Installation)
    1st Month Hosting, Ready Made Website + Installation
    About The Business:
    The Social Media Marketing business modal is fantastic to get into, you don't need to have any stock already because you can order it as you get orders (meaning you never lose money). It is very profitable and doesn't cost a lot to get started or keep it running.

    This business is all about selling social media packages such as Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers, Youtube Views & so much more.

    We will take care of installing the website for you, hosting the website and depending on the hosting plan chosen even updating the website. All you have to do is advertise & promote the website, and ten pass any orders onto one of your suppliers (we provide a suppliers list).

    Hosting & Domain:
    You need a domain name for this package. We have an ebay listing for domain names if you need us to register you one. You will also be given a hosting account by us, the first month is completely free! There is a charge each month after and this price depends on which package you choose below. We will install your website onto your new hosting account.Choose one of these plans:Standard Unlimited: Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited SSL Certificates, Unlimited Addon Domains, Free Website Builder, Instant Script Installer, Support

    £3.49 / Monthly

    Premium Unlimited: All of the above + We will offer you premium support including changes to your new website, this includes changing colour's on your website, changing prices, adding related products, adding plugins, updating plugins, adding related pages, updating pages.

    £6.99 / Monthly

    How it works
    We will install your website on your new hosting account once your domain is connected. We will install the SSL certificate, we will update the terms of service, privacy policy and any other page with your new your new name.

    Once your website is online you need to keep the prices up to date. Add or edit any pages easily to meet your needs and when someone orders you simply go to the suppliers website and make the same order for a fraction of the price and keep the profit. Once this is done you can mark the order as completed. We can handle most of this for you if you choose the premium unlimited hosting account.

    Website Features:

    You can view a live demo here:


    > Built using Wordress - Makes it easy to edit, maintain and stay secure.

    > eCommerce using WooCommerce - Products ready to go, you can add any payment gateway to suit you (e.g. Paypal, Stripe ect)

    > SEO Plugin - All In One SEO already installed with pages setup using it.

    > Elementor - All pages have been designed using Elementor's drag n drop builder so you can easily edit your own pages and the current pages to suit you.

    > Terms of Service - We have already written you a terms of service page for you, offcourse you can change it to suit your needs. We just need to add your url and website name. (we will do this for you.)

    > Contact form + contact page - We have already made you a contact form and a contact page made with elementor, this is so you can offer your customers support for get go.

    > Modified Checkout - We have used a plugin to modify the Woocommerce checkout form. We have done this so your customers have a much better & easier experience when using your website.

    > Sitemaps - Getting your website on Google and other search engines is very important, for this reason we have included a sitemap plugin so you can easily create and use your own sitemaps.

    > Newsletter - Already installed plugin to handle newsletter subscriptions to start building you email list.

    > Professional Email Address - (Comes with Hosting) With your new hosting account you will get unlimited professional email addresses (e.g. support @ yourdomain.com)

    > Free SSL Certificate - (Comes with Hosting) With your new hosting account you will have unlimited SSL certificates for your domains to keep you and your customers safe.

    > Cookie Warning and Settings - We have preinstalled a cookie warning for your customers, this makes your website legal with the recent GDPR laws.

    > Privacy Policy - We have already written you a privacy policy page for you, offcourse you can change it to suit your needs. We just need to add your url and website name. (we will do this for you.)

    > Supplier list - We will give you a supplier list which has 4+ suppliers who you can order the packages through, this is more than enough and offcourse you can use your own. (We are not affiliated with any of the suppliers we suggest)

    > Unlimited Space & Bandwidth (Comes with Hosting) - With your new hosting account you will have unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth so you are never limited to the amount of people who can visit your website.

    > So Much More - We can't possibly list all of the features here because there are so many, if you have any questions though please contact us.

    If you ever have any questions please contact us.


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