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SMRS v2.5 - SHOUTcast Monitoring & Reporting System Log Parser - Free Trial, Demo & Tour 2.5

Purchase this item for $99.95

  • Introducing SMRS v2.5 - SHOUTcast Monitoring and Reporting System from AppLedge.com

    SHOUTcast Monitoring and Reporting System offers live monitoring of SHOTUcast streams and provides realtime RSS alerts if a service or stream is unavailable. It also offers comprehensive SHOUTcast log parsing abilities and detailed statistical reporting of listener data. Various Listenership, Analytical and Geolocation reports are available on demand.

    Try SMRS v2 Demo or Watch the video tour of SMRS v2 at http://www.appledge.com/apps/smrs/ or below to learn more!

    Top Features:
    • SMRS v2 supports multiple access roles - Admin, Reseller, User. Admin can view all the streams. Resellers can view the streams belonging to their clients.
    • SMRS v2 supports groups multiple relays belonging to a single station. So you can view tabular statistical reports and graphs for all relays on the same page.
    • Stream Monitor to monitor each of your SHOUTcast servers & display the stream details and includes a mini player to listen to your radio right from the stream monitor.
    • Stream Details are refreshed automatically using AJAX calls & include stream bitrate, track being played, concurrent & unique listeners, capacity, status of the stream.
    • Stream Monitor provides an option to copy stream details to clipboard or export them as a CSV or CSV for Excel or even a PDF. You may also print out a hardcopy.
    • Stream Monitor provides a RSS Alerts Feed which alerts you if your SHOUTcast server goes down or if your uplink connectivity to SHOUTcast server is disconnected.
    • Stream Monitor also provides another XML/RSS feed with stream details which you can use as a datasource to display stream details on your website pages or apps.
    • SMRS v2 offers multiple report classifications - Listenership Reports, Analytical Reports and Geographical Reports in both Tabular and Graphical views.
    • Listenership reports include statistics for Both Listeners and Bounces or simply Hits, Only Listener Counts, Only Bounce Counts and Only Unique Listener Counts.
    • Analytical reports helps in Daily Average Listenership calculation and Monthly Average Listenership calculation and comparing against past months or years.
    • Geolocation reports include statistics for Top Cities, Top States, Top Countries, Top Players / User-Agents and Graphical view presents them over a map.
    • SMRS v2 comes with a parser for SHOUTcast W3C log file(s) which will parse all logs in W3C format in a given directory and automatically creates stations and feeds.
    • SMRS v2 parser can also handle large log files with over a billion records and file sizes of over 1 GB and records are parsed in batches of 10000 at each cron execution.

    SMRS v2 Licensing and Pricing:
    • 3 Days Free Trial - US$ 0.00
    • Monthly Leased - US$ 4.95
    • Quarterly Leased - US$ 14.95
    • Yearly Leased - US$ 54.95
    • Owned License - US$ 99.95
    Source Code and Multi-Domain installation are optionally available with Owned Licenses.

    Any questions, let us know!
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