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Short Url Script 3.0

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  • Hi all,

    We've just released a major update to our Short Url Script. It now includes mobile and tablet versions, a new admin area, multiple url support, new API and more. See the demo below to try it out.



    More Info:



    v3.2 - Interstitial Ads, HTML5 Charts, Log System, Pay Per View Plugin.
    Released: 16/01/2014
    - Added interstitial ads option for url redirects.
    - Replaced Flash charts in stats with pure HTML5 versions. Compatible with a larger range of devices.
    - Stats charts now resize for smaller screens such as mobile devices.
    - Changed older mysql_ code in database layer to PDO.
    - Added system log class for better error handling.
    - Admin area log file viewer.
    - Added database browsing tool to aid debugging.
    - Fix to paging when filters used on admin area.
    - Fix to possible xss issue on delayed redirect page.
    - Updated plugin architecture to allow parameters to be used.
    - Updated IP address to country data.
    - Added system admin notice when script upgrades are available.

    New Plugins: (see wurlie.net for pricing)
    - Pay Per View (PPV) Plugin

    v3.1 - Multiple Short Url Domains, Folders, Installation Script, Admin Options
    Released: 03/06/2013
    - New functionality to allow for additional short url domains to be added.
    - Set short url domains to be available to everyone or registered users.
    - Added folder management. Allocate urls to folders on the main screen, if you're logged in.
    - Option to disable main script url for creating urls.
    - Added installer script.
    - Added optional captcha on registration form.
    - Migrated some missed text items into translations.
    - Better support for large databases.
    - Added option in admin area to permanently delete user and associated urls/statistics.
    - Added option in admin area to permanently delete a short url.
    - Added option to edit short url in members area.
    - Amended delete link in members area to permanently remove url. Option to disable or expire moved to edit page.
    - Amended banned words/urls feature in the admin area to support adding in bulk.
    - Updated API to allow for short url domain to be requested.
    - Migrated registration and lost password emails into translations.

    Other features

    - Complete admin area rewrite.
    - Brand new replacement theme set for the front-end.
    - Responsive layout. Website resizes for use on mobile and tablet devices.
    - Support for creating multiple short urls at the same time.
    - Added plugin architecture for script add-ons.
    - Added check for malware & phishing urls via Google Safe Browsing & Phishtank.
    - New API. Includes the ability to create, disable, activate, view info and list active urls using external applications. Responses in json or xml.
    - Added link to QR code after generating short url.
    - Added short url statistics on the homepage.
    - Multiple language support. Added language bar in site footer so visitors can switch between different languages. Enable via the admin area.
    - Added optional public or private setting when creating short urls. Default is private for logged in users and API generated urls.
    - Added recent urls page to display public urls. Can be disabled via the admin area.
    - Optional captcha validation.
    - QR codes auto-generated for all urls.
    - Support for https.
    - User registration & members area! Users can now create an account and manage all their short urls in one place.
    - Social networking icons to share short urls on Twitter, Facebook, Digg & more.
    - Short url statistics - referrer, daily, weekly, monthy visits, countries, browers and more.
    - Custom API. Create short urls using your existing websites.
    - Translation admin tools so the site can be used in any language.
    - Manage any text content on the site via the admin area.
    - Multiple language support.
    - Translation debugging tools.
    - Users can enter a long Url and create a shortened version that redirects to the original.
    - Users can enter a custom short url id.
    - IP blacklisting - ban users from either the whole site or just creating urls.
    - Term blacklisting - ban certain terms or website urls from being used.
    - Bookmark shortcut to the site - add 'create short url' link to browser for any site.
    - Bookmark shortcut to Twitter - shorten sites directly to Twitter.
    - Delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects.
    - Spam protection - Set minimum time between submissions.
    - Spam protection - Set maximum urls a user can create per day.
    - Maximum short url uses option.
    - Expiry date option for urls.
    - Password set option for urls.
    - 3 different coloured templates. (easily customise and create new ones)
    - Easy Ads - Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads/advert code.
    - Report abuse pages/terms and conditions.
    - Admin area:

    • Short url visits.
    • Search urls.
    • Disable urls.
    • Manage admin users.
    • Manage blocked IPs.
    • Manage blocked terms.
    • Admin dashboard overview page.
    • Manage site settings.
    • Set template.
    • Set redirect type.
    • Set banner ad/advert code.
    • Modern Ajax interface.
    - Written in PHP5.
    - Easy installation.
    - Simple, clean, ajax style look and feel.

    Feel free to post or PM me if you have any questions.

    Thanks for your time,
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