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    BOOSTER THEME is the theme you need if you’re creating one or two product stores and want to create a mini sales funnel. If you've read my Samcart or Instapage articles you’ll know all about funnels.

    Booster Theme doesn’t offer any functionality for one-click upsells (as they don’t offer Stripe integration directly) they do offer a sales page, addon upsell, and then redirect to the Shopify checkout page (or direct to checkout)

    The addon upsell is one of the best ways to increase your customer order value, i.e. offering batteries with the torch they just ordered or a different colored strap for their new watch.

    Mobile Optimization
    The first and most important factor is that the booster theme is mobile optimized and shows the image and add-to-cart buttons above the fold on most modern smartphones. This is crucial as you’ll be targeting Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube traffic which means most users will be on their phone/s.

    The mobile optimization also offers an RRP price, sale price, countdown timer, and delivery notification all above the fold, no scrolling required. In version one of their themes, this option wasn’t available so it’s a new addon.

    Recent estimates show mobile traffic is approaching 70%.

    Direct To Checkout
    This is a great feature and something I turn on for my one product store, skipping the cart page and taking visitors straight to the last page to complete checkout. Research has shown that fewer steps in a funnel will boost front-end conversions which is ultimately what you want.

    Notification Popups
    This is a fake plugin that shows sales on your website that don’t exist. This is to increase your visitor's sense of urgency and give them satisfaction knowing other visitors are putting their trust in your store and checking out.

    Whether you choose to use this feature is entirely up to you, it can be disabled.

    Countdown Timer
    As mentioned earlier, the countdown timer can increase orders due to scarcity. If you want to turn this feature on you can, or leave it out. You can set the timer to countdown from any time, and then perform various options such as stop, restart or redirect the user somewhere else.

    Savvy users will know this timer is complete nonsense but most visitors will genuinely assume the sale is ending.

    Visitor Counter
    Another fake counter, this time directed to visitors to make your store seem way more popular than it is. I never turn this feature on with my stores as I think it can hurt sales.

    Let’s say someone is buying a t-shirt, they don’t want to know that 567 other people are thinking about buying the same t-shirt, it’s no longer unique. There’s nothing worse than bumping into someone wearing the same clothes right?

    Cross-Sell Pop up
    When someone goes to checkout on a particular item you can include a popup that cross-sells them relevant products such as another t-shirt or an accompanying product, such as batteries for their new torch.

    Currently, you can add up to 6 additional products.

    Currency Converter
    One of the negative things about Shopify is the inability to process orders in different currencies. Let’s say you’re a US business targeting the USA and France, you can’t geo-IP users and change the price automatically by default, this plugin allows you to do just that boosting conversion rates.

    While this addon is good, there are far better apps in the Shopify app store from $9.95 per month that remember the users pre-set settings and round prices up to the specific prices.

    Free Plus Shipping Offer
    Want to offer something for free on the front end? Well now you can with this plugin which displays a free offer and you can then redirect them to an addon page. You can customize the button and messages.

    Email Discounts
    The old-fashioned email pop-up to collect an email address in return for a discount code is included in the booster theme. Again I’m not a huge fan of using this, you’ll find quite a few people prefer using an app called Wheelio instead.

    The plugin does work as expected and is customizable too. You can set any discount you’d like and choose when to display the popup, i.e. when they are trying to leave or after X amount of seconds.

    Product Reviews
    By default, you can integrate the Shopify Product Reviews app with Booster Theme although this isn’t a supported app as it’s developed by a third party. Currently, it works in my stores but uses at your own risk.

    Installing Booster Theme
    One of the best things about version 2 of Booster Theme is the easy to install nature. Within 5 minutes I was up and running with little to no effort, creating my store took a further 45 minutes to complete.

    If you do get stuck they offer a support desk through Zendesk where they’ll reply to your email within a few hours.

    Booster Theme Negatives
    So you know all about the pros of buying this theme, but what about the downfalls and why you might not choose to buy this theme. The first is the update problem, due to Shopify’s interface when you want to update a theme, you have to download and reinstall the theme over the top.

    The first time I installed an update I had to reconfigure everything again which was a right hassle. I’m unsure if this is still a problem.

    The other issue is that most of the features included in the booster theme can be added for free through the Shopify app store. Let’s say you only want one or two plugins, then paying $197 for the booster is not worth the money.

    The last issue is the number of other stores using Booster Theme out there will cause concern for your visitors. Let’s say a visitor sees 10 ads for t-shirts on Facebook, I can guarantee most of those other sites will also be using the same theme with limited customization. Eventually, consumers will start to realize these stores are all fake, i.e. fake countdown timers, visitors, and scarcity tactics. If you do decide to buy I advise strong customization of the theme.
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