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  • Sale Script Anti UC Browser
    This script will auto redirect visitor from UC Browser to Chrome.
    I have been test it on platform blogger/blogspot, wordpress, and other php/html site and my script are working great.

    Why you need this Script Anti UC Browser :
    1. UC Browser block ads by default. For blogger/publisher who get earning from ads like adsense etc. it will reduce they earning significantly.
    2. UC Browser users are increasing day by day. They become top browser and it is bad news for blogger/publisher who place ads on they site.
    3. Blogger/publisher earning are reduced day by day significantly.
    If you use this script then your earnings from adsense and other ads network will rise significantly.

    Demo link : http://how-to-root.com/demo/

    Demo video :

    Thank You
    1. Arick unirow
      Have checked the code and it seems any User-Agent listed as 'UCBrowser' would be redirected into chrome with simple Javascript placed in 'HEAD' section.
      by ,