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[SALE] Instagram Viral traffic doorway script in PHP 1

Purchase this item for $600.00
($500.00 for premium members)

  • Hi ,
    im selling a private php project i worked on it grabs content from instagram on auto-pilot all thats needed is a domain and hosting the script is just uploaded to
    html folder and its ready to go out the box after a month millions of pages with keywords indexed in google bing etc , images , videos , and profiles + tag information is there for
    google to find , its very viral google loves the content i have one website in the top 1000 on Alexa with this same script last year and have another running now that is going viral
    have proof of stats , income etc investment is good 1-3 months can bring 100k traffic after 6 months into the millions , its up to you to monetize how you wish
    but 600$ which is the asking price will come with out much effort just a little time the rest is profit no BS you get what you pay for and it works ,


    private script coded from scratch never shared until now
    everything runs from index.php via .htaccess ( upload and its ready to go )
    template included in the index.php , can be changed and edited very easily
    Set domain and lock to domain protection after encoding file
    set websites titles / about page info etc
    option to set 1-255 IP address interface to stop instagram blocking server IP'same
    option to set cache files in days on/off (when script get really busy traffic it speeds things up)
    option to set no-referrer
    image and videos can be downloaded by user
    randomize urls with rc4 key and domain name ( always unique per domain )
    option to use TOR as proxy to connect to instagram.com ( different countries randomize the grabbed media google index each unique media links )
    option to use socks5 proxies from list to connect to instagram.com ( different countries randomize the grabbed media google index each unique media links )
    option to add random html comments to make html ( more unique html on google )
    option to add random css objects to random strings or words ( more unique html on google )
    option to minify html output
    lists of 10000 random tags , top tags , top profiles already set in index.php ( can add more )
    option to set statistics javascript tag
    option to set ads onn/off ( html <header>/<body> )
    search by tags or profiles

    price: $600
    extra: $50 aged domain with history page domain indexed in 1-24 hours ( gets indexed faster traffic after 3-4 weeks , normal domains range 1-3 months before viral )

    telegram: @obsol33t
    jabber: ,

    screenshots / stats proof from test domain made a few weeks back / link to test script in demo below...

    Demo: http://insta.stat0.com

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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