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[SALE $10] Make Unlimited Lynda.com Lifetime Premium Accounts! [WORTH $400 A Year] 1

Purchase this item for $12.00
(free for premium members)

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    [size=large]Text Version:[/size]
    How much work to get an account?
    Each account takes under a minute to create.
    Any cracking or stealing others account with SE or anything like that?
    This method is not illegal, there is no stealing, SE or fraud required.
    Can the account you get be deleted or blocked in any way?
    The accounts have lasted over 14 months so far, and should continue to work for at least a few more years.
    Do you need to keep making more accounts?:
    No, each account will have permanent premium forever.
    Do you need a VCC/ Credit Card?:
    No, this does not utilize trial accounts or glitched payments. No Investments are required.
    Can you use your email/pass to login
    No, but the account is linked to your email that you specify.
    Can you use the mobile apps?
    No, unfortunately not but you can use the mobile web site :)

    [size=large]Terms and Conditions:[/size]
    Reselling, or attempting to resell the method and/or accounts will result in a scam result and bad from any future products.
    Additionally anyone caught leaking or giving the product away will also earn themselves a scam report and a ban.
    If the method gets patched at any point in time, there will be no refunds issued, however the method has worked for many months without issue and this is very unlikely.
    1. SecretDownload
      This doesnt work
      by ,
    2. teawebsite
      One star because zero is invalid. I just wasted money !. The method does not work and the links are obsolete. I wrote to the seller but no response. Do not buy it!
      by ,