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  • Hello Brother-Sista, good news after a lot of incoming email that request to be able to subscribe to a premium now I retweet bot another slot open for those who want the opportunity to use the retweet bot premium.
    Prior to her already know how great it her retweet bot I've created this, just to remind ya retweet bot's capabilities.​

    example retweet status to tens of thousands of visitors and is also very heavy which would go to the blog
    https :/ / twitter.com/lintasbbm/status/394784079532392448​

    user: hostc1
    pass: hostc1

    (Try It Until You Satisfied)

    The following features will be available in the premium version .

    1 . Bulk ReTweet - like the donation version of the bot will do a retweet as much as the number of users held in a database .
    2 . Bulk Status - Bot will do a post on a number of user -owned as many as the number of users in the database . [ Potentially reaching twitter trending topic , the more users in a database owned more potential to reach trending topic ]
    3 . Follow
    Bulk - Can add your twitter followers as much as the number of users in the database . [ Can be used for selling follower gan , know it is on sale at kaskus follower , they use this tools.
    4 . Private
    Database - Users that are in your own database is not shared by other members , so that the user exists in the database will only do retweet , or follow the status updates of your own commands not in combination with other members .
    5 . Unlimited Databases - Agan could get as much as agan database would
    6 . Worldwide
    Target - With private database feature agan can add their own user database of country specify such agan want to create a special database for the promotion of U.S. or Indonesia alone .

    So what if the buyer can subscribe BOT Premium ReTweet this ?
    1 . URL + Servers - > buyer will get a backend script where buyers can access ReTweet this BOT .
    2 . Video tutorial uses premium retweet bots
    3 . Free add target database worldwide
    4 . Support via email .

    The advantages of silver and gold package is that you can search for and collect the twitter database faster than with a standard package as in the standard package you should find yourself with cara2 twitter database that has been in the tutorials later . However, when using silver or gold package you just use the bot itself to collect your own version of the database more quickly .

    This bot uses a subscription system so there's no subscription fee for the cost of replacing the server . all packets for a flat fee subscription $10 per month .

    1. hostclicking
      NOT RECOMMENDED!!!, you don't get what you paid for, paste of money, you only get an account on autoretweetbot for $50 and the max followerers you get with his server bot is 4000 and most of the followeres unfollow you and left with 2000 fake followeres and also charge you $10 for using extra db. I also asked him for help through skype : Responds: ya if you help me build the db Meyriana Dwi Damayanti: sorry bro, i just give me suggestion, you do it or not it's up to you. He told me that you do it by yourlsef. I could't do it by myself because the the website is non english content and don't know how. Need my money back, $50 not worth it.
      by ,
    2. feodot
      tool realy works, thanks
      by ,
    3. ubdreams
      prety amazing bot. highly recomend to anyone. works just as stated.
      by ,