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PPD (paid per download) site Script - Like Cleanfiles or Fileice Zip

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  • ShareScript PPD Version 2.1 (paid per Download) is a ShareCash — Cleanfiles — FileIce type Clone Site. You can now have your own Pay Per Download site where others upload files and you take a cut of each download they get. We have taken this to the next level, have tested it extensively and have been working on modules for multiple CPA Networks that will operate with the Script. We offer you support and installation for the script.

    Click the Picture Below for a Demo site running the script.


    Beware… You are on track to make over $200 a day using this script.
    Want to Make some Real MONEY ??
    You could run your own PPD Site and Make well over $200 per Day!!

    DO NOT use ShareCash – FileIce – or other PPD Networks …
    Use your own File and Lnk Lockers on your own site and
    Keep 100% of the profits ! Create your own gateways to Lock any page.

    Or you can Run your own PPD Site and MAKE BIG MONEY
    for the work of Others ! Others will upload files - lock links and you will split the profits with them.

    Forget about the other scripts out there,
    This is not for the weak. This is the real deal.

    Are you ready to start making money within the hour?
    Yes — This script is just that powerful !!
    Here is a Video Blurb about the script:

    There are Free Versions and Paid Versions of the Script. The Free version has Branding hard coded and some functions are not available, but the Free version is a fully functional Paid Per Download Site Script.
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