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[PLR] First Date Tips for Men

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    So, you have her phone number... now what?

    Before you even pick up the phone and call her (or set the date up through text messaging) you need to realize one crucial aspect of the first date…

    The Purpose Of A First Date Is About Increasing Her Interest And Making Her Want To 
See You Again

    It’s not about getting sex.

    The more your focus is on getting sex, the more likely you are to sabotage yourself and destroy your chances of ever reaching that stage of the game.

    The primary focus of your date should be on keeping attraction high and building a SOLID connection.

    Most guys tend to screw themselves over by thinking:

    “Well… now that she has agreed to go out with me I can just start getting physical with her…”

    BUZZ! Wrong answer…

    The best way to treat a first date is like you would treat a cold approach.

    Look at your first date with a woman as a repeat performance of the how you built attraction and got her number in the first place, with a few small differences.

    Let’s dive in…

    The First Step to Having a Killer Date

    Make sure that you arrive at the agreed upon location BEFORE she does.

    A coffee shop is the best possible location as it is low-pressure, inexpensive, and typically noise free. This will make it easier to engage in friendly conversation.
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    1. First Date Tips for Men
      So, you have her phone number... now what? Before you even pick up the phone and call her (or...