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Piggyback Marketing Method - Get a Million Free Articles to Sell 1

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    Really, is there anything else you need to know? Here is the Cash In Link:

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    Dear friend,

    This is going to be a short letter so let me dive straight into what this is about.

    You are probably familiar with article directories like EzineArticles where you can get articles to reprint on your website.

    But did you know there are other article directories where you can also SELL their articles?


    These are generally not crummy, spun articles spewed out by spammers, but quality articles someone took a lot of time to research and write.

    In this report you will find out where to get a million of these articles.

    You will find out why you can even sell these articles.

    If you can copy and paste you can use these articles.

    This is a lifetime of niche research waiting for you to use.

    In prior reports, such as Guaranteed Profits I mentioned how writing articles and bundling them with products can create unique, value added products you can use to dominate the competition.

    Now, in this report, you will find out how to avoid all the hard work yourself.

    The Piggyback Marketing Method

    That is why I call this the Piggyback Marketing Method.

    Someone else does all the hard work, research and writing.

    You then piggyback on their efforts, copy and paste, and sell it.

    You won't owe them a dime and it won't cost you a penny to use their articles.

    Before I go any further I already know some may find this controversial and trolls will be anxious to rip an attorney for what they righteously claim is copyright infringment. Here is a quote from the report:

    If you think discovering loopholes and overlooked opportunities, and then using them is wrong, this product is not for you.

    That is my job. I didn't write the laws. I didn't write the terms for these article directories.

    If you submit articles to article directories this is going to open your eyes and you might thank me for letting you know what can happen if you use certain directories.

    This is why you need this report ...

    Stop spending valuable cash on articles before you make any money.

    Stop spending hours flailing around trying to find a niche.

    Finally, something that is just freakin' easy. We're talking copy and paste easy.

    Millions of dollars worth of articles and niche research is being given to you.

    To my knowledge no one else has thought of this strategy, and I have never seen a WSO discussing this.

    Probably because it uses special legal knowledge that 99.9% of Internet marketers know nothing about.

    Isn't it time the Internet gave something back to you after all the sweat you've put in?


    Let me ask you this question ...

    Would you rather spend a million bucks on articles or have a million bucks worth of articles given to you?

    Would you rather hunt for a niche from scratch or get niche ideas handed to you from others doing the research?

    This is a simple strategy once you know it. You will get it on a silver platter.

    That is why you need to read the rest of this letter ...

    What Would You Do With a Million Articles You Can Sell?


    This is something anyone like you can do ...

    With hardly any skills at all...

    From the comfort of your own home.

    All for less than the price of a movie ticket (can you believe the 2/2013 re-release of the 1980s movie Top Gun costs almost $20 to see at the Imax?)

    If you would like something not requiring a lot of skills, no money, and that is easy - this is for you.

    - No skills. Can you copy and paste?

    - No money. You do not have to pay a dime for all these articles.

    - Easy. A lot of publishers and textbooks acquire articles, bundle them up, and sell them in a book. You can too. You could be pumping out a new product every day without breaking a sweat.

    Click Here to Order Now

    Can You Handle a Simple System of Getting Free Articles?

    It seems like a lot of marketers go out of their way to do stuff the hard way.

    Just because something is easy doesn't mean the money you make is worth less.

    I vote that we let others do the hard work while we get paid!

    What Else You Get ...

    Also included in the report is proof showing directories and their terms allowing articles to be taken and sold.

    You also get the Divide and Conquer method for creating reports.

    The Blackout Method shows you how to keep more people on your website even if using an article referencing the author's site.

    You also get my strategy explained for how to avoid SEO penalties if an article links to a poor website. This involves some other products I sell that are not included, but it will be worth knowing how you can do this.

    Finally, bundled with the report are additional sample reports using the articles to get your brain a whirring about the money-making possibilities.

    Sounds like a deal.

    You really do need to take action right now.

    There are two choices you can take....

    Check out the Piggyback Marketing Method or pay for your articles.


    P.S. - This is a really simple method in this short report.

    Once you get my secret legal tip you will quickly understand what is being done. You can get started on this today!

    Terms of Purchase

    Support Desk


    There is no OTO, upsell, downsell, or sideways sell.

    This is not offline.

    This is a short PDF report. It is bundled in a zip file with several examples of how you can use these articles. You will need to be able to unzip a file.

    If you are a member of the Internet Marketing Law Center do not buy this. It is available for free in the private membership area.

    This is not legal advice and I am not your lawyer. My hourly rate far exceeds the small investment for this report.

    There are no refunds. I think you know what you are getting from this letter and will know if this unique information is something you want.

    Last year I released a report about getting 212,871 free articles. This is not the same report, is entirely different, and does not overlap that other report.

    No, I am not making any income claims. If you see someone promising $500 a day, or whatever, you should save your money. No one could ever know how much money you are capable of making. I hope it's a lot.



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