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ONLY $0.25/BLOG!!! Selling 100 gorgeous WordPress NICHE BLOGS with FULL RESALE RIGHTS - ONLY $25!!! 1

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  • I am selling my entire collection of 100 gorgeous WordPress niche blog packages.


    As you may recall, I used to sell 70 niche blogs for $35 on Warrior Forum. I've been promising to expand my collection for a long time... and I have finally delivered on that promise! I have just added 30 more niche blogs to my collection, for a grand total of 100 blogs!

    I am so excited about this launch that I have decided to, at least for the time being, LOWER the price of this product to $25! That's a ridiculous $0.25/blog!!! Why buy 1 niche blog when you can buy 100?

    With this package, you can start your own business flipping turnkey niche blogs. Take any one of the 100 WordPress blogs that you will receive, modify it a little, write some unique content, and you can sell it for anywhere from $50 to $150 on Flippa.

    Take a look at these two Flippa listings.

    Or you can create a network of 10, 25, even 50 niche blogs and sell them all on Flippa at the same time for over $1000!!!

    What you CANNOT do is give this away for free, re-sell it on here, or re-sell it as a WSO. YOU ARE, however, permitted to re-sell these niche blogs ONE-BY-ONE on here or on the Warrior Forum.

    Or you can choose to develop those blogs, input your Amazon, Adsense, and Clickbank IDs, promote them, and start building up a residual income.

    And so that you never run out of content for your WordPress niche blogs, I will also throw in my collection of over half a million PLR articles!

    I included very clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation instructions with this package. I have modified the database files to make installation more straightforward. In short, most of the technical work involved in figuring out how to install these blogs has already been done for you. However, should you run into any difficulty, I will provide technical support as well as an installation service for up to 30 days after the sale.

    At $17/blog, the standard price for individual niche blogs, this package would be worth $1700. But I'm selling these blogs for just $25 - $0.25 per blog!

    In addition, when you purchase this product, you will receive ALL additional niche blogs that I add will add to my archive for up to 1 year after the sale date. In short, you could, potentially, end up paying for 100 niche blogs, and receiving upwards of 120!
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