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    Dear Online Marketer,

    There comes a time in every online marketers life, when things just go *click*, and everything falls into place, and let me tell you, from my seven years experience, it happens very, very quickly.

    Mostly when you're not expecting it, that's when it happens...
    Think of all your frustrations

    And the bazillions of delays

    And the countless late nights

    And bitter disappointments
    Suddenly these things are totally gone from your life... almost like magic.

    All of that misery is completely gone.

    Just like that!

    How on earth do you reach that wonderful stage though? Well, before I show you that, I just want to point out a few things. The magic moment has some drawbacks, nothing is ever that easy as every one of us already knows. All the usual stuff people don't want to hear.

    To get there it takes time, and it takes money. Two things that personally, I'd rather keep than spend on mindless guesswork (which is what most marketers are doing right now).

    The thing about this 'moment' though, is that there isn't just one of them. In fact, there's several, and they all appear one after the other.
    For some people it only takes a month, for some a year, and for some I know, it's been seven years and they're still trying to succeed...

    In fact, one of them messaged me on MSN a few weeks back and said: "Sigh, my new site failed again. Barely any visits. I spent loads setting it up too. Any advice for an old buddy?"

    Well, as it happens, I told him: "I have about fifty little pieces of advice and suggestions, but I'd have to sit down and write you a book about it" followed by a little smiley sticking its tongue out. (Obviously, I was kidding him a bit...)

    "Alright, great!", he messages me back.

    Now, that I definitely wasn't expecting! But, the more I thought about it...

    Ah what the heck, I needed a new project anyway. So I got busy and wrote it all out. When I finished it, I needed a tester. He was the perfect subject, and he heartily agreed to it, and from what he told me later, it went down 'rather well' to put it mildly.

    I'd actually love to repeat what he said here while feeling the excited high of his first major sales, but it could offend some of the more sensitive-natured visitors. So instead, why not take a look at what was in it for yourself?
    Introducing 50 Really Quick, 2-Minute Shortcuts To Your Online Business Success

    It's good to dream - Most if not all marketers day-dream or even dream about their perfect business.

    When an income like this is going to change your whole life, and give you the feeling of self worth, achievement and the sense of fulfillment that it does, you want it badly, it's only natural to think about it and imagine it.

    There's one instance when this will destroy your business prospects. Most have been doing it for years without even noticing. Avoid it at all costs, and you will prosper.

    Learn the secrets of quick-fast business progress. How do big names create and launch ten products, when it takes most others the same amount of time to release just one?

    It's easy when you know how, and I'm going to show you how I do this to tune of making $100,000 profit months.

    (Hint: It's nothing to do with throwing masses of your hard earned cash at a product and hoping for the best, there's a lot more to it than that).

    Why you have an advantage over all other marketers sitting where you are now, thinking what you're thinking now.

    Most marketers are down on their luck and confidence. There's one thing they don't know about themselves, though that makes them special and gifted compared to 99% of the world's population.

    Your confidence will improve massively when I show you what you have.

    [​IMG]The art of learning a new skill in mere hours. Go to school, go to college, go into job training, and you've sat in front of learning material for years.

    So how is it I can pick up almost any niche, or business technique, adapt it to my business andmake a big bundle of cash in just days, before anyone else even knows it exists?
    It's easy when you know how, and I'll demonstrate this exact process so you can master it, too.

    Learn four new methods to ensure fast results throughout all aspects of your online business. Let me ask you, when a friend of yours comes home from their full time job, what have they achieved?

    Your friend probably paid his rent and made someone else richer. When most marketers start out on their business, that's exactly what they end up doing too, through no fault of their own, but out of habit.

    I'm going to show you how to kick that habit with a view for increasing your ability to make progress and see results up to ten times faster than you currently do. (One month's work in about three days, easy when you know how!)

    It's not what you know, it's who you know. Ever heard that saying? It's the same in online marketing.

    How do you hook up with the big earners when they already have hundreds of other marketers queuing at their doorstep, trying to get ads out to their lists and more?

    I'll show you how, and it might surprise you to find out you don't even have to have a list. You could be broke, struggling to pay the bills, and still pull this off.

    Three ways to be lazy and still succeed. Who doesn't want to sit back and have everything done for them?

    While your marketing friend is slaving away at his computer for 16 hours a day, seven days a week, promising his wife or husband that it'll pay off soon... over and over.

    But at the same time, there are others who are out surfing, or sitting around relaxing, andthey are working under 20 hours per week on the average and still making ten, twenty, even a hundred times what your other buddy is making.

    What makes the difference between them? Well, I'm going to show you to be lazy andprosper.
    And that's just part of the first section of "The Online Marketer's Cheat Sheet" :)

    While most marketers come up with an idea, sell it and make a couple of thousand dollars,each idea is worth at least a hundred times that to me.

    I'll show you exactly how I extract so much money out of every single idea I launch, and you'llimmediately see how easy this is for you to replicate (note: in the short term, without this, my profits would be over eleven times smaller than what they are, that's how much of a difference it makes.

    Those of you who know me, also know that I run my business in a very specific way that allows me to extract masses of money from my target market, incredibly quickly, and whenever I please.

    So I feel like a new car, fair enough. I'll make enough to buy one in the morning. How about a make-over for the house? Sure, give me time to do my thing, and it's mine. It's as easy as that. And you'll learn how to do this, too, it's all inside my cheatsheet!

    Did you know that the majority of online marketers I see struggling aren't actually doing that much wrong. In fact, all they've done is got their products a little bit mixed-up.

    One small fix that takes less than 24 hours, and they could go from broke, to seeing my average pay. The problem is, they don't even notice that's the case.
    This could possibly even be you, right now...
    Shame really, there could be a lot more rich people out there if they knew this one little tip. (Note: This one alone is worth the entire price of the package. I don't reveal it to anyone unless they're paying, usually a heck of a lot more than what this package costs).

    Learn to joint venture effectively in just 20 minutes, even if you've never joint ventured before, or don't have anything to offer. The more people that know about this the better if you ask me.

    That means more people to joint venture with, and more money for us to make (while those who don't know close this page and spend another three years struggling to find out on their own - to those people I say: think about your pockets!

    Give them a break, and save yourself the time while you're at it) I'll give you everything you need to start gathering those coveted joint ventures, today!

    Three easy methods I use to build my list by hundreds of subscribers every single day. Just think, if you used these methods for three months at just 100 subscribers per day, how many subs would you have?

    Enough to make a good $2000 per mailing if you handle them correctly. (We teach you that too, handy eh?)

    Why on earth are you selling e-books at $7? I'd never dream of selling $7 products. You know why? Cause I wanna be rich (and likely, so do you or you wouldn't be here). Of course, that does NOT mean you go around ripping people off! ALWAYS give them top quality for their money.

    Furthermore, your product *must* have certain elements (and so should your sales letter) to get your potential customers to just hand you over $200-2000 for a high-end product. If you don't have these specific elements, then no one will buy at any price.

    If you do have them, well, I'll let you figure out how much cash you'd have if you sold a product per day at that price...

    In fact, a product a day is ok, but let's always think bigger - for example, my last website sold 150 such products in the first 24-hour launch period, and in all honesty, 'it just ain't that hard' once I show you how to do the same thing.

    I'll show you exactly how I get those results regularly, and keep them coming, even after the initial burst during the launch period. It's no harder to do than what you're doing now, all it takes is a big change of direction.

    What does my market want? And how can I give it to them? - Two of the most important questions you can ask yourself.

    The answers are easy to figure out, and you know what happens when you give your market what they want right? They pay you for it. In fact, they scramble to pay you for it.

    Learn the insider knowledge that allows the big earners to do this, while leaving newbies out in the dark. (Unfair I know, but that's how this business works)

    Learn to build your own business while promoting affiliate programs to make extra cash. It's often thought that it's impossible to effectively promote affiliate programs and build your own business at the same time. It's one or the other.

    That's not right. In fact, my business would be four years behind what it is now if I hadn't applied these four very smart, 2-minute quick fixes I'll show you.
    One more reason you can be sure that this outstanding blueprint course is the real deal.

    It's impossible to do business like this without having a top-quality product that works, and in fact, one that works *very* well. If it didn't, everyone would angry, write ugly things in their blogs, and many sites would cease to exist rapidly.

    But that's not the case. These tips and tactics work, and they'll work for you. You just have to put them into practice. Nothing does you any good sitting there gathering cyberdust on your hard drive!

    Here's A Testimonial From A *Very* Satisfied Customer:

    All I can say about this course is "be sure that you get it" and after you do your initial read-through, I suggest that you go back and re-read it so that you can fully absorb the powerful contents. Most importantly, TAKE ACTION on it! It's one of Liz's best-ever tutorials on the real, nitty-gritty secrets behind successful online marketing.

    From the beginning to the end, this step-by-step course is chock-full of the kind of information you need to avoid costly or painful pitfalls, and some of it that not everyone has had the guts to reveal, plus it's loaded with awesome tips about setting up every facet of your business efficiently, effectively and everything in-between. If you do everything she teaches in here, you WILL succeed!

    Liz has left nothing out, and I can honestly say that if you take action and apply the principles inside this "meaty 124-page manual" that you will have *all* the information you'll ever need to get your business started successfully right from the beginning, or even to revive a flailing/failing business and to learn ALL the things you absolutely must know in order to succeed in the challenging world of online marketing.

    It's refreshing, brutally honest, and VERY helpful... and even if you've already got some marketing experience, I'm betting you'll *still* find several tips & tricks inside this course that you didn't already know. It is definitely a priceless addition to your marketing training library.

    Thank you SO much, Liz - your course has helped me far beyond my original expectations and I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about making money online.

    Donna Maher
    Marketer & Graphic Artist


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