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Ocim IMDB Script - Auto Generate Content Movie, Search, Scrape 1.3

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    Demo: movie.ocimpedia.us

    Ocim IMDB Script is an simple scrapper which stores the movies in a database from IMDb.com, along with the posters and other details. Also on each movies you have trailers displayed automatically from YouTube.

    Every movie page have Title & Description tags included for SEO purposes.

    Movies are taken in the moment you search the movies in the Search Box, so if a visitor comes on your website and search for Mildred Pierce for example, if the movies wasn’t searched before, it will automatically grab it from IMDb (Ocim IMDB scraper), and store all the details, and after that, return the result.

    Movies can be searched by Title, TV Episode, Genres, Names and Character. When a movie is grabbed, you get the following:
    • Title
    • Poster
    • Year (of the movie)
    • Plot
    • Release date
    • User votes (from IMDb)
    • Countries
    • Stars
    • Genres
    • MPAA Rating
    • Runtime
    Requirement: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Rewrite and cURL.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I already included a Disclaimer page and Privacy policy pages, updated as of today, but remember to check atleast monthly the IMDb Copyright and Conditions of Use, for scraping you need written permission, the script works only on domains/subdomains.

    You can buy the script from digitalpoint directly for $20 or my site http://www.ocimscripts.com/product/ocim-imdb.


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