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Movie Automator Plus 2.7 for wordpress (All versions of wp) 2.7

Purchase this item for $25.00
($20.00 for premium members)

  • Note: We have just released an update for 2.7 which fixes all future imdb,wordpress, youtube changes.

    24/7 Support:

    5% of any sale paid to affiliates.

    Movie automator plus is the leading Movie Site creation tool for Wordpress. If you are a movie affiliate, link provider, article writer or just a webhost looking for traffic nothing comes close to delivering as much content as fast as our script does. Enjoy a constant flow of traffic of people looking for movie data and references. Approximately 210 million searches take place on any given day for movies on the internet, why let this traffic go elsewhere when it can be yours. Our scripts come with regular updates and unrivaled customer support.

    Prices: (Without discount codes)
    1 Year license: $25
    Lifetime License: $50
    Developers license: $99 (Contact us or visit our website)

    **All packages now include 5,000 movies, across 6 different categories**

    We are working on adding numerous api's beyond IMDB and Youtube, more so API's that will bring you more than just trailers and movie data but API's that will bring you actual movies when they are available legally from licensed vendors/streamers such as hulu, netflix, amc, disney, archive, etc. As usual our developer package holders get first dibs on the API updates as they roll out, thus they have added input into which API's we work towards adding to our script. As it stands now there are 31 mobile applications built on wordpress framework that use our script. Combined these applications have over 2,350,000 downloads (paid or free) with a usage ratio of 4 to 1. So we are way beyond the point of transcending just desktop usability but migrating into the on the go user as well. One particular website built using our script submitted a sitemap with 32,303 urls to google,3 months later 28,419 have been indexed by google webmasters. We don't just build scripts with ease in mind we build them to be successful seo powerhouses.

    **Out of the box you can have an automated website that posts every hour for the next 208 days automatically if you choose to post once every 60 minutes. 13 years if you choose to post once a day.

    This script is Google panda and penguin compatible, since most of the data is localized data you will not be penalized for these posts. To achieve 100% originality you can also use one of the hundreds of free spinners out there if you so choose but it is not necessary. Our script is now also being used to create and deploy mobile websites and mobile apps in both IOS and Android platforms.

    As many of you movie site owners have seen in the news the federal government shuttered Megaupload and arrested its founders. Most hosting sites have already taken measures to prevent you from hosting content or embedding content on your website. This leaves many of you with websites that still have traffic but no content to offer. Well if you have a wordpress built site I can change that in just 5 minutes. The video below is self explanatory..hundreds of DP members have purchased this script, thousands around the internet have as well.

    Perfect for:

    Apple Affiliate
    Google play affiliate
    Click bank
    AND JUST ABOUT ANY ADNETWORK/AFFILIATE PROGRAM YOU CAN THINK OF: All you need is the embed code for it..simple as that.

    Video of the script in action: Remember you will automatically get 5,000 movies from us when ordering

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