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Make $300-$500+ A Day On Complete AUTOPILOT With BLACKHAT CODEBREAKER 4.0

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($40.00 for premium members)

  • Make $300-$500+ A Day
    On Complete AUTOPILOT With


    Imagine A Script That Automatically Locks Content And Forces People To Sign Up

    • Imagine an Innovative script that Automatically Locks Content and literally "Forces" people to Complete your CPA Offers for you.

    • Imagine a script that is so customizable and takes just 5 minutes to install.

    • Now add-in a BlackHat Monetization Guide, a BlackHat Video and a Joining CPA Networks guide, every one of which could be sold separately.

    • Throw in Outstanding Customer Support

    • Free LifeTime Updates

    • A Bulletproof Money Back Guarantee

    • And an Ultra-Low Introductory Price

    Introducing BlackHat CodeBreaker
    If You Haven't Been
    As Successful Online As You'd Like,
    Despite Doing Everything
    The Marketing Ebooks And Courses Teach,
    BlackHat CodeBreaker Is For You!

    "I Was Making Over $100 A Day Its 2nd Day In Use"

    Hey Brad,
    I purchased over a year ago. I have been using it daily on multiple sites ever since. I just wanted to say thanks for the great support and product! I would recommend this product to anyone! I actually do all the time!

    Again thanks for this product! I was making over $100 a day its second day in use.

    JM4Marketing, by email and public forum post

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    BlackHat CodeBreaker Includes:

    1. The Black-Hat CodeBreaker Script
      This is what it's all about. Fully Automatic, Extremely Powerful, possibly immoral but 100% Legal way to make conversions, leads, and put money in your pockets.

    2. The Black-Hat CPA Installation and Monetization Manual
      True - this manual provides detailed and fully illustrated step-by-step installation instructions. But the real fun begins with the BlackHat tips and methods to monetize the script and your other CPA offers.

    3. The CodeBreaker Video
      Demonstrates how to install the code in a snap and mostly how to start profiting from it with multiple streams of income.

    4. How to Get Accepted to CPA Networks - bonus Guide
      A long list of networks and resources you can use, and how to join them without getting rejected. For them, your hat will seem Tide-White...

    Let Your Competitors Worry About What's Moral and What Isn't, While We Concentrate On Making Sh*tloads Of Money!
    Black-Hat CodeBreaker is a Fully Automatic way to get your visitors to convert to Profits and Leads, and perform your CPA actions.
    It is 100% Black-Hat and Extremely Powerful. Do-Gooders might call it immoral (we don't), but it is definitely 100% Legal.
    We've been using it ourselves to make Extreme Profits (proof below of over $33,000 per month from just one of our accounts), and now it's time to make it public.

    So... How Exactly Does It Work?

    The idea is simple: people come to your page, and it looks tempting. They want to access your content or download some freebie - but HEY - Your content is locked! Now all they need to do is just fill-in this short offer...

    Here's an example: Say you're looking to watch or download PrisonBreak episodes, and you come upon the following page...
    Click Here to see Live Demo

    Honestly now, how many links did you Click?

    BlackHat CodeBreaker lets you monetize your content by requiring users to complete CPA surveys to gain access to your content. And the nicest part is, it lets you do so even if you don't have any content!
    Take the PrisonBreak example - it took all of 5 minutes to create. All you need are a few alluring titles ("ALL Seasons: Regular + HD" "PLUS Bloopers and Outtakes!" etc.) and a few good pics. You don't even have to host any content yourself because in this example after the visitors fill in the CPA offers and unlock, you just send them to YouTube and to a YouTube downloader/converter.
    That's it! So simple – yet effective. You can make any content (or non-content) work. You can offer your visitors to watch pictures, download mp3 or videos, get free applications or ebooks or just read the latest gossip.
    BlackHat CodeBreaker enables you to easily monetize ANY content you have, or (as with the PrisonBreak example) any content you can point to elsewhere on the web. All you need to do is bring in traffic. BlackHat CodeBreaker will automatically convert this traffic into easy CPA profits.
    But why take my word for it - Here's what a fellow marketer wrote in a forum on the first time he bumped into a site with BHCB:

    "I would have filled out 10 offers to get the video"

    I saw something like this advertised a week or so ago...I think it was this product because it sounds and seems like the same thing. I thought immediately that this was a GREAT GREAT idea but I had not seen it anywhere before and decided to wait. I then got busy and actually forgot about it.

    So this past Saturday I was looking for streaming video of the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight on the internet. I came across a site that said if I completed the three forms below I would gain access to the streaming video!

    OH MY GOD!! The light went on and I immediately realized how powerful this was because I would have filled out 10 offers to get the video of that fight.

    ...Sometimes for me to buy something I need to really see it in use and feel or see the power of it. This product makes TOTAL sense.

    It is not hard to see how your conversions could skyrocket with something like this. So even though I have not bought it yet (I will) I am a HUGE fan of this script. It had me willing to fill out about any offer I could just to get that video unlocked. GREAT GREAT idea.

    And if one of you reading this are the one that put that site up and got me to fill out those three forms....GREAT job. I am happy to have made you some money and I got to see Manny Pacquiao destroy Cotto.

    GREAT product.


    DevilDogTodd, public forum post

    Click HERE for Dozens of Additional Testimonials

    We have recently launched Version 4.0. BlackHat CodeBreaker now includes the following goodies:

    • The basis: Innovative CPA Gateway script.

    • Built-in Referrer Hiding option. If you don't want the CPA network to know your referring page, just turn on this option. It's bulletproof. We dealt with all kinds of compatibility issues so that your referrer will never pass where you don't want to!

    • NEW - Random Link Rotation option. Show a different set of links on each page load, so that your CPA leads spread between dozens of offers, from different networks.

    • Tease Timer Option. You know those pay-per-view films on cable TV, where they show you the 1st 5 minutes then make you pay if you want to continue watching? BlackHat CodeBreaker enables you to do the same with your video sites: Let your users start watching, then see the vid locked until they fill a short offer for you!

    • Extremely easy installation and configuration.

    • Full WordPress Compatibility. BHCB V4 integrates seamlessly with both Blogs and "regular" html sites. Finally there's an easy way to monetize your WordPress blogs!

    • Highly updated BlackHat Manual with LOTS of figures and step-by-steps on installing, configuring and Monetizing your sites!.

    • Built-in test mode. Enables you to test your setup and get automatic error messages and insights before making the pages available to the public.
      Nobody has anything like it - Click Here to see Live Demo!

    • Built-in Right-Click disabling option. My customers asked me to add this - I complied..

    • Easily control parameters like lock-screen position and size.

    • You Control Background Image, Background Color, Border Color and all Text and Link Colors.BlackHat CodeBreaker Version 2.0 was extremely effective - but some thought it was ugly. Version 4.0 is fully configurable, so you can tailor it to fit your page themes.

    • You Control Haze color and Opacity.

    • Unlock your entire site, or just current directory

    • Choose unlock duration after user fills in the CPA offer. Set any period you like. For example:

    • Re-lock pages every time the visitor refreshes or loads a page.

    • Give them one day after unlocking, but re-lock the following day.

    • Give them a full week to browse.

    • Never re-lock - once your visitors fill a CPA offer for you, they're in for good.

    • AutoScroll to Top. No matter where your site visitors are on the page, once it locks the page scrolls straight to top where they see your lock-panel

    CPA Profits have NEVER been easier! And with our Full Money Back Guarantee you have NOTHING to LOSE:


    "Income Increased Over 300%"

    Hi Bradmc Thank you for your updated version.

    I have already purchased his v1, and now i have got the updated version for free which has many features added. Surely i have to say this is awesome. Previously i was using cpalead gateway only. After getting this script i was using various networks with various websites. The percentage of income generated using this method increased up to 300%.

    Really Awesome and Excellent Script!

    atheist, public forum post

    Click HERE for Dozens of Additional Testimonials

    BlackHat CodeBreaker currently offered as a product for lifetime use. We are working on a monthly membership version and when ready - we will boost this lifetime product's price to $49(Why? Our closest competitor costs $100/MONTH,
    and we're MUCH better)
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