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Make $2000/Month Blogs using Zero Competition Keywords 1.1

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    It is about time to change your luck with the real proven method!

    • No B.S, No Bluffs, Only Real Case Studies.
    • Detail step by step instructions for finding zero competition keywords.
    • Step by Step tutorial for blog setup, on site SEO, article publishing.
    • Several case studies of working FB ads.
    • Step by step instructions of pulling insane traffic from Pinterest, including real case studies.
    No Skills Required !
    Whether you are experienced IM'er or total Newbie you can be successful by copying my Exact 4 Step Method with each step explained using Screen shots.
    If you can spare 1-2 Hours of your Day. Have a INTERNET connection, a COMPUTER then you can start making $XXXX income within first month.

    Here is what you get when you buy the 2018 Real Money Method!
    • Method to find zero competition keywords.
    • Finding gem keywords in Niche Category about which very few people know.
    • Use these trending zero competition niches to make super cheap facebook ads.
    • Drive insane traffic from Pinterest using these exact trending Niche.
    • Exact strategy to build massive followers on Pinterest.

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    Q: What is 2018RMM actually?
    2018 Real Money Method is based upon generating income by making blogs and using traffic from three sources; Search Engine Traffic, by facebook ads and Pinterest.
    This method will give you step by step instruction using real case studies; starting from how to setup a blog, write an article, find zero competition keywords and then rank them hassle-free.
    Q: Will this method get saturated?
    This method depends upon trending topics. Each day hundreds of such topics are generated, these topics can also be classified by countries. Hence it is very difficult for this method to get saturated, the potential is immense.
    Q: How quickly can I start earning?
    You can start earning within a few days.
    Q: I already have a blog, will it help?
    Definitely, even if you already have running blog on certain niche our method will help you find zero competition keywords in that niche, and this guide will surely help you.
    Q: What is the running cost?
    The only cost will be that of buying domain $10/year and hosting $10/month.
    Q: How do you get Pinterest followers, by advertisement? Or follow/unfollow technique?
    Pinterest gives you unique opportunity, not only it has grown to be one of the top social platforms, the Pinterest boards of different niche get ranked better than any other social platform on Google search engine, Providing immense potential and it will keep growing as INTERNET grows.
    Our method does not involves follow/unfollow, schedule pinning or use of bots, and we don't employ any advertisement, this guide will help you grow your account from scratch easily using trending keywords and by applying our special trick. This method is proven and is not by accident, we have used this method to grow almost a dozen accounts, and it worked each time.
    Q: How much effort i need to put to make this work?
    The more effort you put the more return you will get. However 1-2 hours per day would be enough to make it work.
    Do i need to spend on Facebook ads in this method?
    This guide explains three traffic methods, SEO, Facebook and Pinterest. You can either use one of them or all at the same time. So it is not necessary to run Facebook ads to make this work.
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