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Make 200$ an HOUR with this BlackHat method V 2.0

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  • This is a really good method that i have used and have made a lot of bank with, the most i have made is 200$ in one hour. but usually i make 150$ when im feeling lazy. THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC. its an exploit that's super easy no coding or knowledge needed other than being able to read English. also you need internet and some free programs i do mention a program that cost 30$ but it has a trial and there are good FREE substitutes for them but its the program i use. You Will need a PayPal to receive money. The method is Black Hat and there's no guarantee that it will last forever. currently there are only 3 people doing this method and its working fine.

    This is NOT any of the following:

    do i need hosting/domain? NO
    does it involve traffic exchange? NO
    does it involve selling ebooks (copywrited or un-copywrited)? NO
    does it involve social media or needing followers from FB/Twitter to implement everything? NO
    does it involve cpa offers, pay per view or pay per click? NO
    does it involve posting ads? NO
    does it involve any seo work or backlinking? NO
    does it involve e-whoring or adult websites in anyway? NO
    do i need a email list or an auto-responder? NO
    does it involve using adsense? NO
    does it involve article writing, blogging or forum posting in anyway? No
    does it involve using android device? No
    and no additional cost!
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