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Make $2,200 Giving Away Free Menus 1.5

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  • Going out to a restaurant to eat, it's a definite must that they have menus to hand out to display their glorious selection of edible food stuffs. Flipping through a menu the other day, I was appalled at all the blank space in various parts of the menu and at the back being the frugal man I was, I thought what a waste of space! So this idea suddenly popped up in my head.

    What if you could provide these restaurants with FREE MENUS while you yourself are also making a profit? This ebook will help you do this exact thing. You can $2,200 with EACH restaurant that accepts his offer. And best part is, this is completely scalable! Say do 1 restaurant per month for a year, that's $26,400 a year! Do 2 restaurants per month, that's a smashing $52,800.

    However scalable this method is, you're gonna have to do some legwork for it. After all, "if it seems too good to be true, it is". And at $2,200 a month GIVING out free things, that is defiantly too nice to be passive work.

    So what am I offering this seemingly *amazing* method for? $8. Yup, for the price of a big mac combo with large fries and drink at McDonalds, you can learn how to make $2,200 in one month!

    This method will NEVER get saturated. Don't believe me? This is because this method is unique to each and every individual person and pertains to the area they live in!

    Only passing out a few review copies, first come first serve!
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