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Make $2,000-$5,000/Month Online using the Heaver Method. Combine Digital Forum & Fiverr! PDF

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    “Implement the method that’ll have your inbox flood with clients on complete autopilot, 24 hours a day!”

    Introducing ...

    The Heaver Method

    “The Heaver Method is the PERFECT TOOL for businesses and independent online individuals to GET CLIENTS”

    · This method takes MINUTES to set up.

    · Receive clients 24/7 on autopilot.

    · Endless online requests for you to choose from.

    · Work-free. No skills required of ANY kind.

    · Don’t need a website, company or even a service to make it work!

    · Earning potential of $2,000 – $5,000/month.

    You see fellow marketers,

    Even if you offer a spectacular service, the biggest struggle is wheeling in the clients. It’s simple; in order to run a business and successfully make money, you NEED CLIENTS.

    The Heaver Method reveals exactly how to find potential prospects that NEED your service.

    I’m not talking about a potential client or two, but TONS of them!

    It’s no secret, we are ALWAYS in constant search of ways to land clients and gain more leads.

    What can you sell you ask? You can sell Search Engine Optimization services, Social Media Marketing services, Online Coaching, Websites & much more …

    The Heaver Method is a complete system enabling you to attract CLIENTS or PROSPECTS if you will, for both your offline as well as your online business.

    Basically the Heaver Method is an unbelievably SIMPLE STRATEGY that allows you to tap into 100(s) of potential clients to sell your online service to with as little as 20 minutes work!


    With the Heaver Method, you technically put the Internet to work for you. The client’s will be popping up your email address, asking for a service/task. You will have an INSTANT approach when contacting the buyer, unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen.

    No one can guarantee a 100% opening rate for emails sent to possible prospects, but with the Heaver Method, the opening rate is almost 94%, which is HUGE!

    With the Heaver Method, you will:

    · Learn to attract high quality clients.

    · Grow your business exponentially.

    · Boost your personal brand while building valuable relationships.

    Your online business will sky-rocket when you begin to have a consistent stream of buyers to dive into anytime, whenever.

    Think about the potential here.

    You’re only SECONDS away from Reaching Thousands of Potential Business People!

    · There are NO TECHNICAL SKILLs involved.

    · NO BLACKHAT methods.


    · NO extra INVESTMENTS of any kind.

    Here is What’s Included:

    Everything you need to know about the strategy and how to implement the system. This strategy requires NO EMAIL, and allows you to receive TONS of online requests on complete autopilot with the earning potential of $2,000 - $5,000/month.


    The Heaver Methods' Daily Schedule


    A day-to-day schedule made for you to get you on the FAST TRACK with this simple strategy by following a step-by-step instructional form and see results within the HOUR!

    OR you can get the daily schedule guide for FREE. This should give you an idea on how EASY the system is and how FAST you can implement it. CLICK HERE.


    OCU Office Resource List


    The resource list is basically a list of every resource online you could possibly need to enhance your online exposure and business all together.

    The list covers the following online tools & supplements; SEO, Link Building Tools,Coding, Website Conversion, Social Media, list of useful news & blogs, Content Multiplier systems, list ofInternet Marketing forums, Article directories andSocial Bookmarking sites.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


    · Q: How long does it take to implement the Heaver Method?

    By far, not more than 20 minutes of work to put it all together.

    · Q: How fast will I be able to see results?

    Clients will take no more than 24 hours to start appearing with their need of services, (usually within the first 6-7 hours) and then it’s up to you to contact them.

    The more you contact, the more the number of responses, the more the orders and the more the money you’ll make.

    · Q: How is the product delivered?

    All three products are instant downloadable PDFs.

    · Q: How will this product benefit my business?

    Your business will tap into a steady flow of clients. No need to go out of business, EVER. Which is what EVERY business needs; a constant flow of clients.

    · Q: What if I don’t have a service to offer clients?

    That’s absolutely fine, we show you how to leverage these clients by using Fiverr.

    · Q: Will we make money on autopilot?

    No. The autopilot part applies to the system whereas you receive clients, 24/7. You make money by contacting them. The more you serve, the more money you’ll make. The Heaver Method gets you the clients, period.

    Forget all the hype. Seek resultsmany from people who have never made sales of any kind online. If you want results, then by all means – GET STARTED.

    This method flat out works. It’s simple, it’s powerful and it WORKS.
    You WILL make money with this method if you apply it.

    Stop thinking and act now.

    You are technically MINUTES away from reaching hundreds of potential clients.

    If you have any questions, please email us and we’ll do our best in assisting you with this super duper easy method.

    Thank you.

    To your online success,

    Haya T.

    Click Here for your FREE Daily Schedule Download.

    For testimonials & reviews please click here for the OFFICIAL PAGE of the Heaver Method product.
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