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Mailing List Profits - Make $3519 / Month With Email Marketing pdf

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  • Mailing List Profits 2nd edition - Make $3519 / Month With Email Marketing .

    • Learn to build your own e-mail list step-by-step.

    • What Are The Tools You'll Need

    • All The Best Ways Grow Your List Free / Paid.

    • Create High Converting Landing Pages

    • Build A Highly Profitable Thank You Page

    • Short & Effective ebook.

    These are the EXACT method I used to grow my email list from 0 to around 8,000 subscribers in 2 months.

    Each subscriber is worth around $1 a month ( thats the statistics I did ) which sounds low,

    ...but what if you had a list of 100,000 subscribers ?
    yup, thats 100K a month.

    And all you have to do to make money ? send an e-mail.

    SEO is almost DEAD... ( will be replaced by social media votes.. you'll see )

    Google Adwords became impossible to work with...

    Direct e-mail marketing will differently stay for a while...
    and I believe right now its the best method to make money online with.

    Length : 85 pages
    Difficulty Level : beginners to advanced users
    File : PDF
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