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  • From the Developers of the Most Authoritative IM Courses On The Market.
    The Most Accurate, Effective Backlinking Guide You Can Buy!
    Post-Panda, post-Penguin, this is the most effective guide to building long-term, sustainable rankings available anywhere!
    It's 2013. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the entire SEO landscape has undergone seismic change - and it's still shifting! But unlike early changes, doing things 'wrong' today can - and often does - result in catastrophic consequences far beyond simple loss of ranking and traffic: penalties and de-indexing are now commonplace, sometimes bleeding over to sites that aren't even "guilty" themselves!
    WARNING: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!
    What's a website to do? Is it even possible to get top rankings anymore? Without resorting to "Black Hat" techniques, or risking your websites?
    Fortunately, the answer is yes! You can still leverage the search engines and mine massive amounts of targeted traffic. But you have to do it "right" or risk, well, everything!
    Backlinks, Ranking, and Traffic. "Linking 2.0" gives you the REAL answers. A guide to effective backlinking based entirely on real-world efforts, testing, and industry best-practices. Bringing together their experience across dozens of sites, dozens of top rankings, and proven, long-term strategies, you'll get a tested and proven guide to reaching, and staying at the top of the search engines!
    We Literally Wrote The Book. Inside this 50+ page PDF, you'll learn what works, what doesn't, what to avoid, and how to best leverage all your efforts. And just as with the other books we've written, virtually everyone who reads it agrees: this IS the book!
    You'll also learn about our internally-developed "Authority Post" tactic for getting strong, safe, high-PR backlinks quickly and easily.
    Accurate, Authoritative, Proven
    WARNING: There's a LOT of BS out there! Anyone who's ever played with a website can call themselves "expert" - and many do! Half the people calling themselves SEO's or SEO experts are little more than individuals who've read a few articles or forum posts. Just peruse some of the internet marketing forums - but only if you have a strong stomach!
    Our 'Credentials' Are Real! We've written the books and articles that OTHERS have read to become 'experts'. With over 8 years in the business, our expertise comes from rigorous testing, full immersion in the 'techie' side of the SEO industry, and a unique perspective: through our private forum, we see daily results across THOUSANDS of websites! We live in the 'trenches' - maintaining over 50 websites directly, across 3 disparate; geographically diverse web servers, regularly compile industry 'best practices', and test, test, test! Oh, and did we mention that we TEACH this stuff to HUNDREDS of webmasters who PAY us for our knowledge.
    PROVEN: Hundreds of 'clients' have been paying for our expertise MONTHLY for almost 3 YEARS - most have been with us FOR OVER A YEAR!
    This is too important to risk on second or third-hand information, hear-say, or 'wannabe' experts!
    Based ENTIRELY on REAL-WORLD implementation testing, "Linking 2.0" gives you everything you need to know to get and maintain top rankings, avoid penalties, 'revive' penalized sites, and more! You get complete and UP-TO-THE-MINUTE tactics, and a Daily Action Plan that is being used right now to achieve top rankings and massive free search traffic - now you can get the same results yourself!
    Your purchase buys you the best, most accurate, tested and proven information money can buy!
    Don't wait - incorrect linking efforts can absolutely tank all your efforts!
    Turbo-Charge Your Rankings Today!

    *Publisher has 100% legal rights to resell e-book, given and contracted by author.*
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