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Link Cloaking Script - Easy Link Cloaker Software 1.0

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  • Track, Cloak & Edit Every Link You Create, Build Hotpages, Stop Affiliate Commission Theft & Do Stealth Redirects Using Just One Piece Of Link Cloaking Software…

    And Best Of All, Easy Link Cloaker Installs In Just Seconds & Comes With UNLIMITED Site Usage & FREE Updates…Allowing You To Brand Your Domains, Increase Your Traffic & Explode Your Commissions Forever!

    Easy Link Cloaker - Video Overview

    If you are currently using a free url shortener OR link cloaking tool, be warned…Services such as bit.ly, tinyurl, budurl, etc limit what you really could be earning in affiliate commissions… Why?

    Forget FREE URL Cloaking Services – Take Control Of Your Affiliate Commissions!

    Well, with free URL cloaking or URL redirect services such as these you are restricted in the ability to edit your links. Let’s say you’ve promoted your affiliate URL heavily, and the free service shuts down or changes its structure.

    You can’t go back and edit your links at all! Which means all your hard work has gone right down the drain.

    Not only that, but these free cloaking tools produce hard to remember URLs, and they scream PROMOTION! Did you also know that some internet service providers actually BLOCK these URLs aswell?

    With free link redirect tools, you only get 1 option…a simple redirect. Why have that, when you can take control of your affiliate links and do stealth redirects, track how many people have clicked your links and MORE…

    Even if you’re using raw affiliate links to send your visitors over to the product you’re promoting, i can GUARANTEE that somewhere along the lines you’ve lost out on a TON of sales…

    Raw affiliate URL that screams promotion: www.yourwebsite.com/stockings?a_aid=vintagestockings versus a professional redirect link: www.yourwebsite.com/products/VintageStockings/

    Your customers can spot that the raw url example above is an affiliate link, and either wouldn’t click on it, OR simply type the main sites url into their browser, bypassing your affiliate link. Which one of the links above would you rather click on?

    Our Link Cloaking Software Is Packed With Features, Super Simple To Use AND Creates Cloaked Link Redirects FAST…
    So with all that said above, we wanted to make it really easy and fast for affiliate marketers to set up customer friendly redirect links and also allow them to maximize their commissions. Our link cloaking software can do this. But, that’s not all that Easy Link Cloaker can do…

    • Link Tracking: You can see how many times your links have been clicked on. Allowing you to measure conversion rates, aswell as the popularity of each link you create!
    • Link Editing: Each link you create is fully editable. Allowing you to change the destination of the url’s you create, at the click of a button.
    • Searchable Links: Every single link redirection you add can be easily found with our built in link search box.
    • Social Link Sharing: After you’ve created your links inside Easy Link Cloaker, you can share them with the top social networks with 1 click, giving you the chance to pull in some more traffic and commissions!
    • Create Link Hotpages: Create UNLIMITED hotpages of all your affiliate links. You can even create these hotpages based on categories and dates, and SEO these pages for maximum exposure!
    • 1 Click Install: There’s no need to create databases or run complicated install scripts. Simply upload 1 file, enter a username, password and email address and click a button…that’s it!
    Easy Link Cloaker is a BRAND NEW product and we’ll be adding even more great features over the next few months. You won’t pay for any further updates if you order today though. Your purchase includes LIFETIME updates, and UNLIMITED site use, aswell as FREE support. Unlike other link cloaking software, you won’t have to fork out a massive lump sum to own it either.

    The Only Link Cloaking Tool You’ll EVER Need, At A RIDICULOUSLY Low Price…
    As soon as you’ve purchased you’ll be redirected straight to our download page, where you can download the software and also view the video tutorials which will walk you through the simple installation process, aswell as show you how to start creating your cloaked links or redirects.

    You’ll also get instant access to the BONUSES we’ve added for you and have the option to sign up as an affiliate for Easy Link Cloaker and make some extra cash by recommending the software. We pay out 50% of every sale you send our way via Paypal.

    So, if you want to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, whilst increasing your commissions and traffic, simply click the order button below to get Easy Link Cloaker for just $12.00. ($7.00 If you're a PREMIUM digital point member)You really have NOTHING to lose, and everything to gain!

    Make those HORRIBLE Free URL shorteners a thing of the past and IMPROVE your affiliate marketing TODAY with all the EXTRA clicks and commissions you’ll get using our Link Cloaker software.
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