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  • [​IMG]
    HI DPiers​
    first regards for any Spelling mistakes because English isn't my home language​
    I start applying the steps step by step hoping to get my first commissions from pay per lead offers​
    I've applied the steps twice but no thing happen​
    I've back again to the report and using some ways to translate the big words because​
    English isn't my home language so,​
    I START applying the steps carefully finally it's too late time and I've been boring​
    I've go to the bed at the morning and the first thing was that​
    I've hurry to my computer to see if the yesterday work make me any dollars or even cents​
    I didn't believe it​
    it was $8.04 at my account balance​
    I jumped from the chair claimed yeah yeah yeah​
    I tried to Control my nerves​
    I switched off my phone and close the door​
    I've bring a paper and pen to organize these great steps and double my effort​
    that's was my first transactions from CPA network​
    These more recent proofs

    "$207.45 in just only one day"


    more proofs?​
    due to my colleague exams I'm trying to steel the time to apply the steps​
    I hope to close my eyes and open it again to find that :​
    today is 25th may to setup my private report "it's the data of the last exam at the colleague"​
    and due to I've the right to resell it i would like to share it with you at a very little price​
    purchase it and i can told you that you'll get your first commissions of CPA lead network today​
    and if English is your home language or you're good at English i promise you'll make over $100 daily​
    It's very simple steps and any one can make that quick and easily​
    I'll be happy if you contact me for any question​
    believe me that's great way you shouldn't let it passes from your hand​
    P.S. Remember if you're not 100% satisfied... or if you think internet marketing is too "difficult" for you ... and this isn't the simplest,fastest way to begin making piles of money,you have a full 60 day "test drive"period -simply contact me for a full, prompt refund!
    1. James Hiramatsu
      I just purchased your product through Paypal. However, I can't download it. The PDF goes through a Zip file that gets damaged when downloading. What's wrong?
      by ,